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My Gemsona: Diopside

by The Blue Blur

The Blue Blur Here it is! My 3rd gemsona I've ever create, Diopside! I tired to make it look like the SU charcters but I did this late last night so sorry if it's bad :'|. I did a mix of Buck Dewey, Pearl, Jasper and Sardonyx to make this. Information is below. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.
Name: Diopside
Gem location: Right eye (Since looks are what can affect her. Also tries to cover heself up, like a mask. Also, I have great eyesight :D)
Gem weapon: Bow and Arrow (Since it needs pefect vison at least, in my opnion and is my favorite weapon)
Gender: No defined gender but uses she/her like the other gems
Height: Taller than Amethyst but shorter than Pearl
Build: More muscle in the arms
Other Abilities: Spin Dash, fusion and can shapeshift but doesn't like to
Likes: Mint ice cream, action, the color green, breakdancing, singing, fusion
Dislikes: Any other food, crying, humans, being beaten, shapeshifting, waiting, leaders (likes if if everyone is treated equal instead)
Relationships: Steven: They get along nicely.
Amethyst: They get along really well but sometimes can get pulled into her antics.
Pearl: The get along really well but can get annoyed when she is right and when she gets smart.
Garnet: Meh, she is the "leader" so that bugs her and half of her is Sapphire. She does think Garnet is strong.
Ruby: They get along really well. Sometimes can't take her hotheadness (That's a word, right?) but they will hang out when Ruby isn't with Sapphire.
Sapphire: Dislikes her since Sapphire doesn't like how she hangs out with Ruby and her personality, too much snarky for her to handle.
Rose Quartz: She was like a mothering figure to her but didn't like how she hanged out with Greg. Misses her.
Humans: NOPE.
Peridot: NOPE. Hates her more than she hates people.
Jasper: Is kinda scared of her (because of her past) but kinda likes her. Thinks she can become good.
Lapis: Liked her, with Steven so didn't fight her at all.
Opal: PERFECT! Not too rough and energetic like Amethyst but not too perfect and smart like Pearl! Likes to sharpen her bow and arrow skills with her.
Personality: Snarky, sarcastic, carefree, impatient, adventerous, easy-going, impulsive
Backstory: Diopside was a mistreated gem and was made fun of by everyone (even Amethyst but they both don't remember) since she was the only other gem with a gem location like her's is Cat's Eye and wore an eyepatch. She was supposed to be a Cat's Eye but something happend that no ones knows 'til this day. One day in the 80's, (Story for Steven era), a huge, orange gem packed her in a box and sent her on the train and traveled to Beach City. Rose and Pearl were on a walk to Greg's place but found her instead. She was afraid since she thought they would mistreat her. She was shy for the fist few day sbut then she reformed without the eyepatch and her shy and afraid personality changed to a snarky and carefree one but with a strong sense of justice. She fights to find the one who packed her on that train.

Non- Lyrical: