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Millennia Turner

by NonAnalogue

millennia turner.png
NonAnalogue Millennia Turner wore a clover in her hair.

In his Collected Journals, Octavius Esry had this to say on the topic of the uncommon clover:

“There’s something to be said for a plant that picks the second- or third-most uninhabitable biome in the world to grow in. These tiny flora, as far as I can tell, grow almost exclusively in the northern mountains of Qassan. They don’t reproduce quickly, they’re not nutritious, and you can’t make anything out of them except for clover honey - and between you and me, clovers are so naturally bitter that even honey made from them isn’t that great.

“Long ago, the uncommon clover played a not-inconsequential role in one of the earlier land wars in continental Mersat - the war between Kenba and Qassan. The then-ruler of Qassan assumed that the clover being unique to Qassan was a sign - that Qassan was destined for greater things than simply being a vassal state of Kenba.

“So Qassan attempted to free itself. Qassan sent all of its troops marching on Kenba - by land and by sea. Every single soldier wore a clover behind their ear, symbolizing the land they were fighting for.

“Qassan lost the war, decisively. In retrospect, it’s hardly surprising, given Kenba’s military might - rivaled only by that of Remina. It took multiple generations for Qassan to recover, and there are those who say that it’s still nowhere near where it was in its heyday. The uncommon clover, once a potent sign of hope for the Qassanites, became a much more dire symbol after the war. Illustrations of scenes from the war almost invariably included a clover soaked in blood.

“That brings us to the present day. Its original symbolism all but forgotten, the uncommon clover now supposedly invites bad luck, especially if you stumble across a clover with four leaves - one leaf for each of the four fronts on which Qassan suffered a defeat. In short, while I don’t necessarily buy into that superstition, you still won’t catch me looking for a four-leaf clover.”

Millennia Turner wore a clover in her hair.