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Midbus vs Morton Koopa Jr.

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Midbus vs Morton Koopa Jr.
Midbus was sleeping on top of a mountain, snoring loudly. His nap was interrupted by an army of Koopa and Goomba walking on top of him. Morton Koopa soon followed, ordering them around. “Okay, gang! This is where we’re going to-!” Morton didn’t get to finish as he was punched in the face. Morton growled and turned around. He saw Midbus snorting and stomping around. “Wow. Already an enemy? Okay….LETS GO!” Morton shouted and spun at the pig in his shell. Midbus caught him and threw him away. Morton sprawled across the ground, then jumped up. He took his hammer out and began swinging at his foe. Midbus counters with his wrecking ball, and then slams Morton on the head. Morton becomes dizzy, then is punched away. Morton goes back in his shell and spins into a rock, destroying it. Morton jumps out of his shell and starts throwing the rock bits. Midbus sucks them all up, then shoots it back at the Koopa prince. Morton is hit in the head, and he gets angered. He begins jumping up and down, creating earthquakes. Midbus stumbles, but stands his ground. Morton then takes out his Magic Wand, and starts shooting magic blasts. Midbus sucks them up as well, and begins running at Morton. Midbus performs a belly flop, slamming Morton again and again. Morton growls and whacks Midbus off with his hammer. Midbus lays on the ground, groaning. Morton prepares to finish it with an earthquake, but is instead knocked away. Morton scrambles to his feet to see Blizzard Midbus in front of him. He begins shooting ice balls, each missing until one hits the loudmouth Koopaling in the head. Morton begins fire breathing, melting some of the ice, but is eventually knocked down by a snowball. Midbus walks toward Morton, angrily. Midbus creates a giant ice ball in his hands, then slams it down on him. Morton is frozen from the cold attack, then kicked aside. Midbus scares the Goomba and Koopa off the island, snorting. Midbus then lifts up the Koopa Kid and tosses him off the mountain, Morton screaming under the ice surrounding him. Midbus looks down for a while, then hears a loud thump. Midbus beats his chest and walks away, ready to resume his nap.
This fight’s winner is: