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Kyogre VS lilonegia (Chapter 1:The Crisis!)

by lilonegia

lilonegia Ok so this is pretty much a made up story of me trying to save honen from Kyogre's GIGANTIC Rain storm! Sorry if I spelled some words wrong! I will b sure to try and fix them! Btw! If you have not gotten this far in the game! DO NOT READ!
It was a normal day In the honen region. Children laughing, pokemon battling, facing team aqua....wait what?

"Look! All we want to do is create a better world for people!" screamed Archie, trying to battle against a young trainer named, Lilonegia.

"No! You can't do this! The world is just fine the way it is!" Lilonegia yelled.

"But we want to create a better world! A world where pokemon and people and pokemon live in a much better place! Mightyna! Use Crunch!" Archie yelled to his Mightyna who was currently having a pokemon battle with Lilonegia's Gardevoir.

"Gardevoir! Dodge it and use Draining Kiss!" Lilonegia screamed as Gardevoir used the move. On the other hand, Archie's friend, Shelly, was there to take the Blue Orb and run away from the battle, hoping that Archie could buy her time.

"Mightyna!" Archie screamed as he ran over to his fainted Mightyna.

"Quick! She's getting away!" Lilonegia screamed. "Mightyna!" Lilonegia yelled as she got her Mightyna out from her pokeball. "Go and chase Shelly down and get that Blue Orb back!" Lilonegia yelled to her Mightyna and before she could finish her sentence, her Mightyna was already behind Shelly.

"Get away from me!" Shelly screamed. "Ah!" Shelly screamed as she tripped and accidentally dropped the Blue Orb.

"The orb!" Lilonegia and Archie both yelled at the same time. They both looked at each other and leaped into action. They were both scrambling and wrestling each other to get that Blue Orb.

"Got it!" Archie yelled as he started to run off to the submarine.

"Get back here!" Lilonegia yelled as her, her Mightyna, and her Gardevoir started to run and float after him, but it was to late! Archie was already inside of the submarine. Then, he took off!
"Oh great! Now Archie is going to use that Blue Orb and awaken Kyogre! We have to get it back!" Steven said in frustration. Lilonegia was trying to help Steven out. What Steven needed help with was to get that Blue Orb back from Team Aqua!

"Sorry Steven! I was so CLOSE!" Lilonegia said as she threw he hands in the air and slamed her fists on the table they were sitting at.

"Now, it wasn't your fault! But we need to get that orb back! But HOW!" Steven said as he threw his hands up in the air and stood up from the table. Then, he started to pace back and forth for a short time. Then, he suddenly said, "We need a plan. A plan, that is good enough to get that orb back before they awaken Kyogre. But how?"

"Well, I could use my Latias and we could fly on her and try to follow them and see where Kyogre is! Then, we can swoop down and try to get in there first!" as Lilonegia said that, she grabbed Latias's pokeball out of her bag and let Latias out to show Steven.

"But Lilonegia, there will only be two of us, well, three of us counting Latias and how many of them? Like...twenty? Not a good plan. Maybe you should try to defeat the next gym while I try and come up with a plan," Steven said as he was pushing Lilonegia and her Latias out the door.

"Well, okay. Fine. But we will get that orb back! You better not try and go off without me!" Lilonegia said as she put her Latias back in her pokeball and started to walk away from Steven's house.

"Alright! Good luck!" Steven yelled as she ran to the next gym.

Lilonegia was a young pokemon trainer who plans to defeat the pokemon League(along with team aqua) and catch as many pokemon as she can. She currently has six gym badges and she is on to her next at the Mossdeep city Psychic type gym. She is super excited to get to the twins(Liza and Tate)and earn that mind badge!
"And here is your mind badge!" said both of the twins, Liza and Tate.

"Thanks! Great job Mightyna!" Lilonegia said as she put the badge in her case and pet her Mightyna on her head.

"Tyna!" Lilonegia's Mightyna exclaimed as she went back in her pokeball.

"Thanks for the battle!" Lilonegia said as she left the gym.

"Steven! Look what I go-" all of a sudden, the ground began to shake. Lilonegia covered her ears as she heared a loud BOOM go off in the distance. But it was no explosion. It was a pillar of light!

"Oh no. Team Aqua managed to get to the Sea Floor Cavern! It's broken! They are going to waken Kyogre!" Lilonegia thought.
TO BE CONTINUED....................................................................
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  1. lilonegia
    there will be more coming!
    Nov 25, 2014