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by NonAnalogue

NonAnalogue Unlike Meion’s legendary infinite library, the Archives did not span the farthest reaches of comprehension, and unlike the Church’s massive hall of records, the Archives were not organized - at least not in a way that made sense to anyone but Koia. The biggest difference, though, between the Archives and just about any other library anywhere in Ennen was that the Archives were deep underground.

The stone chambers that contained the Archives were the only home Koia had ever known - and aside from the books and records, she was the only resident. She remembered the rest of her family, of course, but it had been some time since anyone else had set foot in the Archives.

Koia, on the other hand, never set foot outside. The only things she needed in her life were the Archives, spanning almost the entirety of mortal knowledge, and…

The Crystal.

It stood in the main chamber of the Archives, at least twice Koia’s size, and no matter where she went, she could feel the comforting warmth that emanated from it. She even kept a shard of it on her staff.

The Crystal was all the family she needed.
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