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Karley (MLP OC)

by Star.Prince

Star.Prince Age: 11
Gender: Female
Personality: Nerdy, Curios, Quirky, Lazy
Likes: Fun, Gaming, Music, Dirt
Dislikes: Proper Ponies, ponies trying to get her to be girly
Bio: She grew up in a fun but weird home, she'd blast music in her house but get yelled at all the time. She grew up watching TV and playing video games. Her family owned a small pond and she'd go down there and play in the dirt and watch the turtles. When she was five she got her first DS and headphones (Her cutie mark) and two weeks after she got her cutie mark. After two years she got a friend, his name Electric Mint. She left her family to go to the coal mines to explore, then she met her friend Coal Miner. She got her laziness from just playing video games all the time.
How she got her cutie mark: She made a video game song, with her gaming at the same time. She doesn't have a job as a singer-but she want's to get there.
Nickname: Karl, Karlz, Blue
Sibling: Older sister (Diamond Miner)

This art was made on DevaintArt.com
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