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MLP OC Junks: Karley (Final)

by Star.Prince

Star.Prince Name: Karley Colors Spirit (Colors is her middle name and Spirit her last)
Nickname: Sweets, Colors, Yellow
Also: Wears glasses
Occupation: Making music
Age: almost twelve
Likes: Gaming, Colors, Music, Cats, Dogs, Flying, but also likes Sand!
Dislikes: Ponies judging her, girly non-gamer stuff
Personality: Geeky, Kind, Colorful, Shy, and Adventuress.
Bio: Growing up she had eight ponies in her family counting herself. Her mom, Lightning, her dad, Blue, her two twin siblings (Not her twins), Red and Blue (Blue Jr. is a girl), her other twin siblings, Neon and Silver, and then her twin Bow. Bow and Karley are the closest any pony could ever be. Even though Bow is pretty girly, she and her sister get along just fine. Bow even got her cutie mark from making them a bow that they would share. Bow got the bow though. She had a lot of fights with Silver and Neon, both being rude to her. Neon was less OCD then her and Sliver was to proper for her. Her and Red and Blue Jr. got along the best, other than her and bow. They taught her how to fly and then Karley taught Bow how to fly. Karley used to jump around the sand hill that they lived by, flapping her wings. Then one day somepony sent her a DS, a yellow one with some games. A couple years later and she got her cutie mark. She was the youngest, yes even younger than her sister. She saw Red and Blue Jr. become wonder bolts like their mom. Neon also became one. Sliver couldn't. He was a unicorn, not a pegasus. Their dad Blue was a unicorn so Silver was the only one that got the unicorn thing going on. Karley was aloud to get her mane dyed when she was five years old. Karley does have a big case of OCD though, and likes to have everything where she wants it and can find it, not where she needs it. It's just with music, DS games, and she likes to draw to-but not as much as singing. She has some friends, but not a lot sadly. She has Dave, who is laid back, and John, a funny pegasus stallion. She's been bullied a lot though and sometimes forgotten about. She's pretty shy, but loves adventure.
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    Oct 14, 2015
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