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by NonAnalogue

NonAnalogue One of the first things you're asked when playing new hit MMO Oceans in the Sky is what species you want to play as. There's no shortage of options, either - most new players tend to do well with humans, orcs, and salamanders, for their ease of use and their alignment with the three initial character classes of Monks, Fighters, and Mages. More advanced players thrive with the draconids, taurs, weres, and avians, for their powerful species-specific abilities.

The slime tends to get overlooked as a playable species, though. It's not hard to see why - they don't specialize in any specific stat, and their species-specific skill is hard to use properly. Slimes have the power to shapeshift, but not at will - in order to change shape, they have to collect rare item drops - vials of blood - from monsters. Upon drinking the blood, they can change shape to match the monster that dropped the vial for a certain amount of time. When they've used the blood enough times, slimes can change to that shape at will, and at high enough levels, maintain that shape for long periods of time. It's very difficult to play right, especially since ichor is hard to come by.

At very high levels, though, slimes can permanently alter their 'base' form - ie, their form that they revert to after changing shape. As seen above, Kaana, a player who chose to play as a slime her first time around, has altered her base form to include elements of salamanders, draconids, and avians, granting her some of the advantages of those species.

Kaana has also gained the class Joker, only obtainable after maxing out the default class, Novice, without taking any other classes in the process. The Joker class confers very high stat growth as well as power boosts to the normally-weak skills learned under the Novice class. It's not a stretch to say that a player playing a slime Joker would be one of the most dangerous characters in the game.
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