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Iris Omyn

by NonAnalogue

iris emyn.png
NonAnalogue A redesign of a character whose design I was never quite satisfied with. I like this design better, though her coat turned out poofier than I intended.


“‘For those who would find themselves lost, the Forgotten Goddess offers a guiding hand. For those who, instead, would press forward, despite knowing better, the Forgotten Goddess condemns their actions… as harshly as possible.’ Epiphanies, 5:36.” The voice behind them didn’t seem out of the ordinary at first, but the longer it went on, the more they could hear its insidious undercurrent.

Pascale whipped her head around, fire dancing in her eyes. “Who is it now?” she growled. “If you’re not here to help me find Rays, then you better clear the way!”

The woman behind Pascale watched her with a gentle smile. “You may call me Iris Omyn. And as far as what I am here to do… well… how do I say this?” The ammon at her side squeaked quietly as she flipped through the heavy tome she held in one hand. “‘Those that only come to wreak havoc, they have no place within the holy sanctuary.’ Erevicians, 10:10.” Iris paused a moment. “‘Don’t stomp around in the holy sanctuary with big boots either.’ Erevicians, 10:11.”

Pascale scowled. “So you’re gonna stand in our way?” she asked, pointedly not looking down to check her own boots.

Iris shook her head. “No, no, nothing like that. I am only here to offer a warning. ‘Only fools and blacksmiths rush in.’ Valia, 586:52. If you continue on your current path, Pascale Moira Brady, you will find rescuing Ms. Triggs to be very difficult indeed.”
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