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Inner Demons

by NightRaven

NightRaven Well, I managed to pull this off. I haven't drawn much of X at all, not since he first existed. Now, to make it up to you guys (and totally not for X being somewhat abandoned), he has a new form!
This is "Demon X" as some call it, and he only reaches this form when blinded by rage and will kill anything and everything that he knows is there.
Pretty much, if he even catches your scent in this form, you're ultimately screwed.
Anyways, hurricane Hermine (I think that's the one beating us down right now) has just jumped on 90% of the state. ;-; But it's very weak, luckily. Barely any wind, tons of light rain, no thunder or lightning, while in the yellow/orange zone. But, then again, it's only category one...for now.
It surprisingly has not been beating down the internet or power, but was terrifying at first. However, the eastern coast is just....taking everything. "Flash Flood warning" and "High Wind Warning"...yeah, right. This thing can't even move a small plant that someone else has grown! XD
"Weather Concerns". Oh well, four-day-weekened for no reason xD

Honestly, it's not as terrifying as I thought it was (despite being a gigantic mass bigger than our tiny state that's just flinging storms all over the place.

Nature is just broken: tomorrow for the rest of the week it's supposed to be sunny.