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Four Poke Balls Adventures: Four Poke Balls Adventures 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Meet: Pikachu, Pikachu, Pikachu and Pikachu, the 4 Links! Well, the Pokémon Links. They all look the same, but their complete opposites in personalities! Blue, Red, Green and Purple clash in this funny journey with a seemingly invisible "End"!
One day, in a cave, a Pikachu named Link had just pulled out a mystical blade called the Four Sword from a rock. Suddenly, a bright flash appeared, and there were 4 Pikachu laying on the ground, groaning. Each got up and looked at each other, then screamed. One Pikachu was like the original, in green and had spikier hair than the others. The others, one in red, who had more fluffier hair then the others and was crying, one in blue who's hair was very wild and was growling, and the last in purple who's hair was more flat and seemed to be very surprised. They all stood up and touched each other. "Man, I am handsome!" The green one said. "This is scary...." The red one whimpered. "The hell?" The blue one scowled. "Odd. This is like I'm looking in a mirror. Perhaps I learned Double Team?" The purple one theorised. "Well, you guys must be what happens when somebody gets the Four Sword. They split into 4! So.....how do we address each other?" The one in green asked. "I'm Link, and you guys are moron, dimwit and jack-" The blue one growled, but was interrupted by the Red one. "You should be Blue, you Green, I can be Red, and you well dressed sir.....ARE VIO!" Red cheered. "Sounds good. Plus, Blue's names were a bit......uh, too creative." Green smirked. "Whatever." Blue snarled. "Cool, as long as nobody calls me Vio-LET." Vio said flatly. "Good! Now, lets go!" Red said. They walked out of the cave, then all remembered something. "PRINCESS ZELDA!!!!!!" They said, remembering their crush and princess. The Buneary of Hyrule had been kidnapped by a Darkrai named Vaati. They all began running around frantically, then bumped heads and fainted.
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