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FaD #1

by LadyLucs

LadyLucs "fuck a duck" is a phrase I have come to say way too often when getting frustrated. This is basically a rant. But hey, it will probably be funny.
Okay, so not many people on here- actually I don't recall telling anyone on here, but hey, maybe I have some stalkers- know that I write a Sherlock fanfic called "Puppet". There you go, now you know. There's a link on my profile I think, I'll check after I post this.
Well, I have been trying (key word is trying) to write the 20th chapter but NOPE! "Oh haha, Lady wants to write her fanfic? Nope, fuck her!" -Basically my brain right now.

Look, I posted chapter nine two months ago in APRIL, and I'm pretty sure I've lost all my readers because I haven't updated in two fucking months and I'm getting so pissed because I can't write and I just want to rip my hair out and sell my soul to Satan.

I'm an atheist, so probably to Flowey the Flower and not Satan, but you get the damn point.

Wow you actually read all that? Well, uh, cool. Good job, you read my dumbass rant. Proud mom, here's a participation award.
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