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Elemental Academy: #Elemental Memories

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox So today was going to be the second chapter of the easter special, which will be out tonight, but today is also the Elemental Memories chapter. We take a look on how the elementals realised their powers. Or unlocked. #flashchallenge
Kevin, Electric Elemental
A 6 year old Kevin ran across the soccer field, kicking a soccer ball around. He then tripped on it and fell down. He started crying a little, until a man in a coat helped him up. Kevin looked up at the man. He did not know this person.
Kevin wiped his eyes, and thanked the man. "Th-Thank you, mistah."
The man with the coat smiled and ruffled the boy's hair. "No problem, kid. See ya." The man said, and walked away.
Kevin grinned and skipped away, happily.
Later that night.....
Kevin was in a blanket, sitting on a couch with a stuffed Shinx in his arms. He was watching cartoons until his father came in and changed the channel. The boy pouted, but still sat down and watched.
His dad had changed it to the news, and Kevin groaned. But something caught his attention. Somebody was being arrested. But what made him interested was that it was the man in the coat!
Kevin stuttered, lost in words. He gulped, but then bolted up and ran out the door, saying he was going for a walk with their pet dog. He ran across town to where the crime was taking place. The Owten Bank. When he arrived, he saw the man being roughly shoved inside the police car. Kevin glared and ran to him.
However, Kevin was roughly knocked over by a cop. "Get outta here, kid." The police officer said.
"Why are you arresting that man!?!?! He didn't do anything wrong!!!" Kevin shouted, crying a bit from the fall.
"He tried stealing from a bank, kid! He's goin' to jail!" The officer yelled.
Kevin glared at the cop, and tried running past him, but was blocked each time. Kevin started panicking as the police car was almost ready to leave, but then saw 2 men walking out of the back of the bank carrying two large bags. Kevin realized those were the burglars!
"Mr. Cop, look over there! I see the real cwiminals!" Kevin tried to explain. The cop was now angered.
"Listen kid, get the HELL outta here or you're gonna be in trouble!!!" The mean officer shouted.
Kevin choked on words for a second, and started crying, backing up. He was in so much panic. The police car was driving away, the burglars had gotten away, and the cop was still shouting at him. Kevin started screaming.
"STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!!!!!" Kevin screamed, crying. A yellow aura surrounded him, crackling with electricity. The officer looked shocked, and pulled out his gun.
"What the hell!?!?" The cop screamed. He started shooting at Kevin, but they bounced off his aura. All lights and satellites went off in the city, as Kevin screamed and lightning flew everywhere.
It was pure destruction. Eventually, Kevin couldn't handle all the power, and fainted. All the lights went back on. The cop staggered back. He picked up his walkie talkie and called the police station.
"Um, I think you should come over here." The cop said.
Kevin yawned and woke up, grumbling. He had a horrible dream. But, it was a dream. He started walking, but fell down. He was inside a rubber room. And was much taller. He looked around 10 years old.
A military officer walked into the room, and looked at the boy sympathetically.
"What is going on!?!? Why am I in a rubber room, and why am I so tall!?" Kevin shouted.
"You are an elemental, a human with extraordinary powers. When you unlocked your power, you aged 4 years because your young body couldn't handle the power. You'll have to stay in this room for the next 4 years until you are old enough to go to..... a special place. Don't worry, you'll see you family, but you must stay in this room. Okay?" The man said.
Kevin nodded, and hugged his stuffed Shinx.
"I'll talk to you later, go back to sleep." The man instructed, and walked away.
Kevin sniffled, and went back in his bed.
"I want mommy....."
Hoogen, Earth Elemental
Dylan, Tech Elemental
Azure, Flame Elemental
Theo, Metal Elemental
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