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Diamond's Pokemon Adventure

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Follow the Adventures of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum with their Pokémon on a journey through Sinnoh!!!
Yawn..... I said as I woke up sleepy.... Today, my journey begun... "DIAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!" I heard from my window. It was my friend Pearl. "GET DRESSED!!!!!" I sighed. Impatient as always..... I got dressed into my normal outfit, Red Barret, Blue Jeans, Black Vest and Yellow Backpack. My vest had a long white 'V' across it. A blue pokeball symbol on the side of my barret, and my backpack had all my gear. I then picked up my new 'Running Shoes'. I said goodbye to my mom, and sure enough, my best friend stood right outside my door. "Hurry up next time, Dia!" He ordered. "Well, let's go get Platina...." I spoke. We walked out to Route 1..... Later at Platinum's House(Mansion)..... "HURRY UP,NOW!!!!!!" Pearl screamed. I wonder why, we've only been hear 20 minutes. Plus, we got extra breakfast! "Coming!" She stated, walking down. She had a black short sleeved overshirt, pink skirt, white undershirt, white tuke and hot pink scarf. I put on my crimson red scarf, while Pearl put on his jungle green scarf. Me and Platinum both had bluish black hair, and Pearl had spikey blonde hair. "Let's Go!" "This'll be fun!" "Our adventure begins now!" We walked off to Pr. Rowan's Lab. "HEY, GRAMPS!!!" Pearl shouted. "Hey Uncle, Rowan!" I greeted. Yep, the famous Pr. Rowan was my Uncle. I always considered him my father figure. "Hello, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. I assume you are here to get your first Pokémon." We nodded. "Well, here they are!" He showed us the starters."> "Turtwig, the slowest yet most defensive." I liked the little guy. "Twig!" He chirped. ">"Chimchar, the fastest, yet most impatient." Pearl found his soulmate. "And Piplup, the most balanced out of the three!" Platina seemed to show interest in the blue penguin. "You can pick your starter now!" I immediately chose Turtwig. "I LIKE THE MONKEY!!" Pearl shouted. Chimchar climbed on Pearl's shoulder. "I would like Piplup." Platinum stated. "Good now, hear are your pokedexes." Mine was blue, Pearl's was orange, and Platina's was red. "Now, your true adventure begins!!!" He finished. We walked out of the lab to go to Route 2, then, Jubilife City!!
I hope you liked this chapter!
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