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Homestuck! ♥: <Creative Titile Here>

by Star.Prince

sketch-1500727700662.png IMG_20170722_073011_285.jpg IMG_20170722_070712_936.jpg
Star.Prince Top One: Okay, so this is Lauret, I decided to not use a filter on that one because, I didn't feel like it.

Middle One: DAVE. I used a filter on this one because I was really bored aaannd kinda wanted to see how it looked on him.

Bottom: I used a filter, I actually tried, and he is my spirit animal. Yes it's a beatuiful picture of John Egbert.
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  1. N E G A N
    N E G A N
    FUCK YES. You just made my day. Or night. What time is it? Oh wait, it doesn't matter. I'm the Knight of motherfucking Time.
    Jul 24, 2017
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  2. parisbuffet

    (Totally never cosplayed John before or anything :8B:)
    Jul 24, 2017
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