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Colour-Pencil Dwarfery

by StellarWind Elsydeon

DigItDwarf.jpg Japanese_dwarf_Smol.jpg YodaHulkDwarf.jpg
StellarWind Elsydeon In Hebrew, the game more commonly known as “Secret Santa” in the rest of the world is known as “Dwarf and Giant”.

My dad’s workplace was doing one of the things for the Purim week… and my mother took over the designs of the packages for his assigned ‘giant’ - with me doing little cards for each - She threw in general ideas, I put my twists on them and made them happen with colour pencils and paper, because hey, more practice with unfamiliar media! ^^

I neglected to scan the first two as they were five minute doodles, but my mother had the foresight of taking a photo of them with her phone before we sent them off (with the first one already inside the packaging), hence the awful blur. The third and final was properly scanned, though.

Package 1 was somewhat garden-themed and so the associated dwarf was the old standard ‘digger’ dwarf. Package 2 had a Japanese-theme, and so did its dwarf (I tried to go for the sort of faded inky watercolor-y sort of style, but the pens and paper did not cooperate, so I improvised with color pencil). Package 3′s was a full blown card. Why Yoda hulking out? Because my dad’s nickname around work is “The Green Giant” and what’s a better green dwarf than Yoda?