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Lady Skyland Shorts: Childhood: #1

by LadyLucs

LadyLucs A peak into Lady's childhood. She's about seven in this one.
The sun loved to sing waves of heat in Lumiose, and the clouds loved to dance to the sun's tunes.
Lady loved to sing too, and Tyler, like the clouds, loved to dance to Lady's tune.
"Ty?" Lady said, and flopped back on to the grass, "Will we go on our Pokemon journey together?"
Tyler plopped down next to her, and pulled his knees up to his chest, "I'd be upset if we didn't, you're my best friend after all."
Lady hummed to herself, "Mom and Dad were fighting again."
Tyler looked at her, "Really? I thought your dad said that they were okay."
Lady shrugged, "I've given up on them to be honest. Dad says they're fine one day, and the next Mom is threatening to leave."
Tyler frowned, "I...I'm sorry."
Lady shrugged, "I don't care. You wanna dance?"
Tyler smiled a little, "Sure."
And Lady began to sing, and thus Tyler danced. Things may be looking bad, but you just have to stay bright.

Lady's mother left them that night, and she never came back. Lady pretended it didn't hurt, she pretended that she was okay. Her dad burried himself into his Champion duties, and Lady didn't see much of him for next few months.
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