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The Psychic adventures: Chapter 4: Solution with Evolution

by OmegaReuniclus

OmegaReuniclus Solosis and Honchcrow venture foward to the forest of souls and run into a peculiar looking pokemon. The only way to beat it is with some Training.
"This forest is creepy; it looks like the trees are staring at us." Solosis mumbled slowly while shivering.
"Dont worry kid! Those are just the 'Townsfolk' Trevanant." Honchcrow Beamed with a jolly look on his face. RUSTLE! The Two Heroes hear a shaking bush. RUSTLED! "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! What is that!" Solosis saw a figure behind him. He blinked and it was gone like magic "Probaly.....jjj...j..just...a..a...a......a..is.....a....a..mmm....moving....t...t....Trevvv..v.anant" The young Pokemon was scared out of his jelly coat he is in.

"GOURGEIST!" A Pokemon Jumped out at them and Solosis hid behind his bodyguard's back. "Its a Gourgeist" Honchcrow pointed out. "Take out that Nightmare caterpie over there and you should get enough exp."
"Why?" The little psychic type asked.
"Just quickly do it. I'll hold off Gourgeist." Solosis went and quickly took out the Nightmare Caterpillar pokemon and sstarted glowing."I'm evolving!" Solosis Yelled happily. He turned into a storm of pixels that reformed to make Solosis into a Dousion. "Well done kid, now use Psychic!" Honchcrow Struggled to say while holding back the wild encounter. FVVVSHOOOM! The psychic attack made Gourgeist faint in one hit. "Wow, I cant beleive im a Dousion now!" Dousion was exited but they had to continue their journey.
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  1. Pikachucat
    yes!! I LOVE IT:love:
    Mar 15, 2015
  2. OmegaReuniclus
    So how did u like this Chapter?
    Mar 15, 2015