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Descent Into Darkness: Chapter 1: Warning (Descent into Darkness)

by RapidRiver97

RapidRiver97 This is the first chapter of my series, Descent into Darkness, If you haven't read the prologue, I suggest you do. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my story!
Fauna crouched down low in the underbrush, not making a sound. Her brown ears twitched impatiently. Come on, you always come by this way. Hurry up! she thought.
The young Eevee edged a little closer to the path, using a nearby bush as cover. She peered through its many branches, grinning with anticipation. Oh, the face he'll make! Get ready, Fauna, your waiting will definitely be worth it.
She inched closer to the path again, seeing a Pidgey waddling his way down the path, looking somewhat lost. Just as the small bird Pokemon stepped in front of her, she pounced, letting out a fierce battle cry.
"BOO!" Fauna exclaimed, tackling her friend to the ground. The Pidgey screamed in terror, before glaring at Fauna.
"Don't do that!" he whined. "It's not funny!"
Fauna tried to contain her laughter. "You did make a pretty funny face, Zephyr," she said, climbing off of the tiny bird she had somehow not crushed.
Zephyr humphed. "You better watch out. Maybe you'll be snuck up on next time."
Fauna giggled. "I'd like to see you try."
"Challenge accepted," Zephyr said, mischief flashing in his eyes.
"So, Zeph, where are you headed?" Fauna asked.
"I was on my way to search for rare mushrooms in the clearing, until you so rudely stopped me!" Zephyr snapped.
"Calm down, Zeph, I'm sorry I upset you," Fauna replied, rolling her eyes when her friend wasn't looking. "I'll help you look, if you want. I know the best place to find tiny mushrooms. C'mon!"
Fauna skipped down the trail, Zephyr following close behind. She felt the morning sun on her back, basking in the warmth it provided. She felt her fur wave in the calm breeze, her ears flowing majestically behind her as she went. Fauna loved living in the forest.
When she and Zephyr came to the clearing, Fauna immediately scoured for mushrooms. Tiny mushrooms were her favourite; something about them seemed cute. She eventually found one at the base of a tree, the mushroom's red cap standing out against the tree's brown bark. She started to pile mushrooms in the centre of the clearing.
"Found any balm mushrooms?" Zephyr asked.
"No," Fauna replied.
"Me neither. Grandpa said that he wanted one to make mushroom stew," Zephyr said.
Fauna smiled. "Last one to find a balm mushroom has to do the winner's chores?"
Zephyr grinned. "You're on!"
The two friends giggled, running off in separate directions. Fauna zigzagged through the forest, scanning the ground for yellow balm mushrooms. As she ran, the trees grew closer and closer together, a leafy canopy slowly plunging the forest into darkness. Fauna worried about getting lost, but pushed those thoughts aside when she came to another clearing.
A Pokemon stood in the centre of the clearing, its back to Fauna. Its fur was white and ruffled. It had a long, black tail and a scythe-like horn on the side of its head. Something about its presence made Fauna uncomfortable, sending shivers down her spine.
The Pokemon turned, its crimson eyes conveying desperation. Fauna stared back, unsure of what to say.
"H-hello?" she stammered after a long silence.
The Pokemon started to walk closer, the forest's darkness making its every move seem ominous. When it stood right in front of Fauna, it bowed its head, before emitting a chilling cry, a howl of sorrow.
Suddenly, a flock of Murkrow descended from the skies in a flurry of black feathers. The biggest one carried a strange looking object in its beak, which it dropped into Fauna's paw. The birds left as quickly as they had arrived, leaving no trace that they had ever come.
Fauna examined the object she had received. It appeared to be a shard of broken glass, with three claw marks in down the middle. The edge was sharp and jagged. There appeared to be a dark substance within the shard itself, as blackness radiated from the scratches in the glass. Fauna opened her mouth to ask the strange Pokemon about this seemingly worthless object, but the Pokemon was gone. There were no footprints, no sounds of rustling bushes, nothing. Confused, Fauna looked around, but still found no clues at all as to where the Pokemon went.
Suddenly, Fauna felt the ground begin to shake. It started as a small tremor, but started to become a deafening rumble. She tried to run away, but fear paralyzed her. She saw trees falling in the distance, rocks splitting in half. A wave of darkness rolled across the land, spreading like fire over a dry grassland. As it approached, Fauna heard frantic whispers in her head, creating a deafening chatter impossible to understand. Unable to think, she was hit with a splitting headache, causing her to scream in pain. She covered her ears, dropping the glass shard at her feet.
The darkness veered off course, surging around the shard and Fauna. The voices eventually faded away, leaving Fauna's ears ringing. The ground was blackened, the trees were the colour of charcoal. Every plant was dead.
Fauna picked up the shard, staring at it with a newfound curiosity. What in the world is this thing? she thought to herself, clutching it in her paw.
Oh no, what about Zephyr?! What about everyone else at the village?! she thought, remembering the destructive power of the darkness. She ran as fast as she could toward her home, hoping that she might arrive before the mysterious wave of death. As she ran, she thought of the strange Pokemon that had been in the clearing. Had it been trying to warn her of the darkness, and given her the shard to keep herself safe? Did the shard have more powers she didn't know about? Was the mysterious Pokemon still alive?

Was anyone still alive?!
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  1. DefyTheLimes77
    Ooh, really loving this story so far! Why does the second chapter come up with an error, though? XD
    Sep 23, 2017