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Wintry: Ch5: Wintry and the Prince

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro Part of the written universe, Pi City.
Wake up snowflake, this isn’t the time to rest.

Wintry’s eyes shot open, as she felt something tugging at her helmet. She quickly shot a left punch to whoever was in front of her. The feeling of the impact allowed her to sit up and raise her hands towards the direction where the culprit would be. Her vision, barely adjusting to the image of Dr. Solo rubbing the right side of his face as he sat on the ground, looking astonished by the sudden act of violence.

“Sorry! Didn’t mean to startle you. I came back to check on things and was told you had gone up this building on your own, I found you here alone and unconscious.” The handsome man stood up to his feet and offered Wintry a helping hand.

The masked superhero was still trying to get herself together, but she was able to process enough information in her mind to allow her to accept the gesture offered by the doctor. She stood up on her feet with his help, her mind rushing with memories of what she had been doing before the incident. That quickly reminded her of the men she had been fighting, forcing her to look quickly for any sign of them. It seemed the doctor had moved her away from the door, which was shut. She moved quickly, stumbling a bit as the black spots still appeared in her vision and Dr. Solo holding her right arm to prevent her from falling.

“Oh wait, those guys are still there. How did you do that? It’s fascinating to be honest.” The man led her away from the door, with a gentle smile. “I didn’t get a chance to check you, but by the way you’re moving, it seems you took a beating. Want me to check your wounds?”

“No.” The dim light coming in through a small window marked the end of the day as Wintry began to walk away. “I need to go. Make sure the police get to these guys okay?” She turned around to leave, the alarm in her helmet telling her she had ten minutes to get back home, where G was to take over. Just as she took another step, her right leg seemed to go numb, causing her to stumble to the side, but instead of falling, she somehow ended up in Dr. Solo’s arms, looking straight up at him, a lot closer to his face than she had been before.

“Careful. Can’t have Pi City’s guardian angel going around stumbling.”

Wintry couldn’t help but feel her cheeks get warm with blush and she didn’t care, he couldn’t see her face. “I’m okay, I’ve had worse. Can you help me to the roof?”

“Of course, anything I can do to assist you.” Without a warning, Dr. Solo scooped Wintry up and began carrying her up the stairs.

“This isn’t necessary.” But she was totally loving it.

“It is, you risked your life for us. This is the least I could do for you.”

Wintry didn’t say anything back. She just watched as she was carried, something about the doctor giving her a sense of safety. Probably because he was a doctor or because he was incredibly good looking. Was it dumb to be checking out the man carrying her in her superhero suit? She was human after all and it was rare for someone to care for her like the man did. Then again, wasn’t that guy from the night before also involved in the medical department somehow? Maybe she just liked doctors.

“Here we are.” Dr. Solo said as he made his way through the roof access. “You got your batcopter waiting for you or something?” He chuckled at his own joke as he helped Wintry to her feet. “Or can you fly?”

Wintry let out a small giggle. “No I can’t fly, I have other ways of getting around. Can you close your eyes?”

Dr. Solo closed his eyes with a wide smile. “So this is how I die huh? On a rooftop, without seeing the batcopter. It could’ve been worse, I could-” He stopped as he felt Wintry’s soft lips on his right cheek.

“Sorry for the punch.” She adjusted her helmet, making sure she didn’t reveal her face. “I’ll be fine, careful out there.” Wintry gave the doctor one last look before attempting to run, since she was sort of limping, towards the edge of the building. She jumped off, and broke into her sky skating, sliding over the streets of The Ripples, which seemed a lot quieter, than they had been when she first arrived.

“Until we meet again.” Dr. Solo waved at the mysterious woman, before taking out his cellphone and calling 9-1-1.

Wintry tried to keep herself together, she had never attempted to have a conversation with a civilian before, that wasn’t in the middle of danger. Maybe she should look him up? How many Doctor Solo can there be in the area? No, that was such a stalker thing to do. Then again, Batman did have Alfred… No, that was a dumb idea. The last thing she needed was a relationship to distract her from her duties. Besides she had plenty of friends, like her dealer and her fans.

“God I’m so lonely.”

G entered through her apartment window, taking WIntry’s helmet off and tossing it to the side. Her phone buzzed with discord notifications. She was late and the people who had paid for a chance to meet with her deserved their reward. She began using voice to text to reply to the group, letting them know she had some issue and was running late but was changing into her cosplay for the meeting.

“Thank you all for being so patient and remember, stay cool!” G smiled and blew a kiss at the camera before logging off.

She had spent the last two hours talking about video games with the seven lucky winners from her raffle. They had been shy at the beginning but using some ice breakers, G got them talking. She was able to hide the pain she was in pretty good, lucky for her, no marks on her face. Her body however, was a different story. She was bruising in her back, her sides, her arms where the bullets had bounced off and even her head felt all smashed. But there was a good way to fix that, good ol’ Rudolph.

After changing into her Hello Kitty onesie, she lit the pipe, put The Office on and began to smoke the pain away. It was during that moment she noticed the flowers on her table. Had someone left them there from the night before? She reached over the bouquet of flowers, all of them were Anemone, or more commonly known as Blue Poppy. They were wrapped in white paper with a small note that read “Your secret is safe with me.”

G went pale, she felt as if her soul left her body while panic began to bubble inside. “Laura! Was anyone in here while I was gone?” She called out to her AI.

“The last person to have used the door was Crood.”

“Who delivered these flowers then?!” G looked at the note again.

“No records of anyone entering while you were gone are recorded.”

“When did these flowers arrive?”

“No record of the flowers being delivered.”

“Did someone bring them in last night during the party?”

“No record of the flowers being brought last night.”

“Were they here when I left?”


“When did they get here?”

“No record of the flowers being delivered.”

“Dammit!” G stood up and looked around her dark and lonely department. “Is anyone there?”

“No signs of anyone else in the apartment.”

“Shut it Laura! ANYONE THERE?” G yelled as loud as she could, but no answer. “Come out now or I’m calling the police!”

"Would you like me to call 911?"

“No! Laura, off!”

G stood quiet, waiting for a reply, what felt like an eternity. She was a bit drunk the night before, but she recalled all of the events. She would’ve noticed someone walking in with flowers and she swore she didn’t see them in the morning when she got up. She needed to figure out who delivered them and what exactly did they mean by the message.

“Duh, G! You’re so stupid!” She threw herself onto her couch. “I had people over last night, it could’ve been one of them. My secret? G likes to party. That makes sense, yeah it must be that. Laura probably lagged or something and she didn’t register when the flowers were delivered. I had my Wintry suit with me, so no way could they have found out that secret or my real name, wait, someone does know my real name, I’m such an idiot! I’m really hitting it off with doctors today.” She looked at her phone and searched through her contacts, finding the one boy she met the night before. “Thank you for the flowers, they were great. Sent.” G leaned back and relaxed, the panic being cleansed by the smoke going into her lungs. “Just in case…” She sent the same message to all the people she had given her number to. “I gotta stop giving out my number, super sent. I’ll apologize to those that reply it wasn’t them, pretty sure it was the med student though.”

She felt herself sinking into her couch as she began to drift off. “I wonder if Dr. Solo has a Facebook. Maybe he was too old for me, doctors aren’t usually that young, but then again my dad was a genius, maybe he’s one also. Hey mom, I’m dating a doctor. Not bad Elizabeth, not bad.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you an update on the so-called gang war that broke out in The Ripples earlier today.”

G’s eyes opened up to the bright light of the television illuminating the dark room she had fallen asleep in. It seemed to be a news report about the event she had been present at earlier that day, maybe Wintry would make an appearance!

“The Ripples today was seized by gun fire and death all over the streets. Many were wounded, killed or have gone missing. However, where the police failed, Pi City’s local hero managed to come through.”

“This is it! Laura, record!” G sat up, her eyes gleaming with excitement at the television.

“The day was saved by none other than Techno! That’s right, the former Los Angeles superhero is now in Pi City. However, it seems to be a new and improved version. Could Mr. Long have been secretly training someone to take up the mantle? We go now, to the streets to hear the opinion from the crowd.”
“Thank you Dianne, this is Bobby Hill, reporting from the streets of The Ripples. I have here a few citizens who got to see Techno in action. Sir, would you mind stating what you witnessed here today?”
“I saw this dude shooting these laser balls and shooting down those stupid gangsters like flies. Mr Long sure knows how to pick them, that is why I want him to be mayor of this fine city. He brings in more soldiers like that new techno and this city will be clean.”
“Thank you sir, and what about you young lady?”
“Oh I saw another one, pretty sure she was a girl, she had boobs you know? The body of a girl also. But she went into that building over there and never came back out.”
“A female Techno?”
“Yeah, their suits did look a bit familiar, but she was like walking on the sky or something.”
“Well there you have it Dianne, we might have two Techno, or even an army of them, ready to fight for our city!”

“Laura, tv off.” G slumped on her sofa, anger boiling inside her as the words of the reporter repeated themselves in her mind. “Son of a bitch!”
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