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8 Months of 'Charms

by Hydreigonborn

Hydreigonborn I'm happy to say I've made alot of friends here. This is my Pokecharms story. TAGGING time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Cloudswift, @DiamondPikachu, @Il Fantasma, @GalaxySky, @I Never, @koopa000, @Ry_Burst, @Gpig5, @TooBlue12, @YamiVolcarona, and @Justalonelyaxew Sorry, If I forgot you, you don't mean any less to me than the ones I named.
Hey guys, Ashei here. I don't know what to say. I've almost been here a year. I have almost 800 likes and 50 followers. I thinks it's 'bout time I told my story.

I found Pokecharms one day out of no where. I was exploring youtbe and came across a video called "My Trainer" the video was collection of trainer cards from this very site. I followed the website link to here, and made my first trainer card. I brought it to school the next day. I lamenated it and everything. Later that night, I started to explore more sections of the site.

That was when I found the roleplay section. I quickly skimmed through the rules and joined my first RP, "Pokemon Apocalypse". It practically was just me and Dyeltight. We both sucked at it. All our post were one liners and we battled a legendary. That got shutdown faster then I expected. My next roleplay was Sinnoh League Tournament, where met some of my greatest friends on this site, @Cloudswift, @Jagson, and @Retro Master.(which Cloudy was my first friend on this and to this day, is still my best friend on this site) I cleaned up my RPing alot in like two days. Next I joined the RP giant Outcasts, but it got to big to fast. I was almost forced to leave.

It was about this time when I met @GalaxySky, who took my request. She quickly became one of my better friends. I met @Il Fantasma in a Undertale RP, and @DiamondPikachu in a Fire Emblem RP. I kept going strong until Cloudy left the site. My life fell apart (Not because of her leaving). My IRL friend told me he had thoughts of suicide. I was heartbroken , but I helped him through it. Next, I started to feel depressed, and without Cloudy on the site, I thought I had no one to talk to. I thought what it would be like if I just gave up on life and ended it all. I don't know why, I had it all. I started on the basketball and football team at my school. I had countless friends. I live in happy home. But I thought no one cared. I had the worst teacher ever, I was being bullied by the wrestling team and one of my closer friends. I felt out of olace in life, like noone needed me. I left the site, and didn't play games for the time I was offline. I finally got help, after weeks of going through the motions.

I finally stopped having these thoughts. I got back on 'Charms. I went back to my old life, I turned back around. I started RPing again and made more friends. I'm happy to have gotten through that stage and am moving forward with a smile.

Few, that was alot to get of my chest.
On a lighter note, I have a special surprise planned for a 1,000 likes. This is Ashei signing of for now.
  1. Hydreigonborn
    Jul 3, 2017
  2. Fishykarp
    Every origin story I've read recently involves the League Tournament Series and Outcasts
    Jul 3, 2017
    AstralDarkrai37 likes this.
  3. Cloudswift
    My reaction when I read the best friend part: :-O

    Honestly, I wasn't expecting that! I can't say that I have a singular best friend on here, I've actually got several besties! And I'm happy to say that you're one of them! ;D
    Jun 28, 2017