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#650 - #652

by Tunolipede

650 652.png
100% scratched, my work!!

i would rather get stabbed in the eye than have to sprite chesnaught all over again jesus christ
but yeah as you may know i like sprites. and as much as i love the 3D models in x and y, i DO like sprites. so i made sprites. yea

if you want to use these in your signature or whatever then just ask!! but seriously if anyone uses these without permission i will cry a lot

i'm probably going to make more. definitely. probably?? most likely.

thanks and i hope you like

edit:: bonus - shiny forms! i probably messed them up somehow but oh well
    Jan 6, 2014
  2. Shiny Pyxis
    Shiny Pyxis
    omg the shading and poses and ahhhh
    Quilladin looks really cool in this, makes me love it so much more ♥ and the Chesnaught is so amazing. Like, I'm seriously kind of oggling at how great it looks because bcfsdkhajchdfsydcjhdl :D
    Jan 4, 2014
  3. Shocari
    Dec 30, 2013