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Before: Zezanna: Ch. 3

by obey_jaidon

obey_jaidon With a new mentor, Zezanna must face that there are differences and similarities between opposites, such as life and death, light and dark.
"You have to learn how to balance your thoughts and emotions." "Well I don't know why standing on a rock in the middle of a lake is gonna help." "I've been in this forest from the beginning of my life. I know every tree, stump, rock, and even beehives. I already know how to balance those thoughts, because my grandfather, the only one I had with me, showed me this; and I can say I questioned him." This left Zezanna thinking. If she had someone with her, why did she bring it up now, three weeks later? "So...when are you gonna teach me how to fight and stuff? I've been waiting for you to say the whole schedule thing." Zezanna questioned, while jumping off the rock, to get to the shore. "Fighting comes after you learn balancing. You have to learn how to give mercy and sympathy first." Zehira responded while walking back to the tree house. "Come with me, let me show you something." Zezanna galloped to catch up with her. As Zezanna came to the entrance, she saw that Zehira had already sat down on the mushroom table, with a wooden box, that looked like it's been buried for years.

"Come here, young one." Zehira said, while shifting the box to make it in the center. Zezanna sat down, nervously. "This box contains something that has been given down from old ancestor zebras. You see, when my ancestors had a child, they would give it to them, hoping they would have a child, and do the same. At first I thought that I would end that tradition, but now that I have you, I would look at you as my child. Although, technically your not," Zehira giggled, "I would still give it to you." Zehira opened the box with great care, and pulled out a leather necklace. It had a green bead at the end, with a gray feather connected to it. "It's a necklace...." Zezanna said, confused. "I mean, it is nice, but why wouldn't you wear it?" "Well, not every relative I had would wear it twenty-four seven." Zehira answered. She gave the necklace to Zezanna, and she put it on. "It means Serenity & Power." Zehira added. "Those two things were what the old zebra legends said to hold a kingdom in place. You would need Serenity to show peace, wisdom, and grace in a kingdom to make it look beautiful. But, you would also need Power, to show strength, loyalty, and great courage, to have the kingdom defend itself. Between Serenity & Power, comes honesty and hope.You must have that with you at all times." Zehira finished. "It's like the two opposite things you showed me earlier, right?" Zezanna questioned. Zehira nodded. "As you can see, they have similarities and differences. But what's different about these opposites is that most ponies don't see any similarities with these, only differences." "So, let's start with bow and arrow, the one that takes much longer to master; unlike the others." Zehira smiled, and Zezanna smiled back.
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