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The Vocaloid Chronicles: Vocaloid house Ch.2

by FalChromiforme

FalChromiforme part 2 of my chronicle of the vocaloid house. You should probably read the first part.
Gakupo stood there for a full minute, waiting for the others to respond. They said nothing, so Gakupo just walked out.
"Well, she's gone." Len said, laying back on the couch and pulling a candy bar out of his pocket. Then he glanced out the window.
"Rin!" he ran out, but she wasn't there. He called out a few more times, then sulked back into the house. "Or . . .not."
Then they saw Gakupo running back down the street, casing after Rin. After a moment, Gakupo walked into the house, also looking depressed.
"No Rin," she said, head hung low.
Suddenly, Miku looked outside, following a silhouette walking along in the late afternoon sun.
Miku ran outside and appeared to converse with the figure for a moment, then brought her in.
"I found her! I FOUND RIN!" she yelled. Len nodded and smiled. Miku and Rin celebrated for a moment, then both of them sat down, exhausted.
"So, where are we going to look next?" Luka asked, apparently the only one who wasn't extremely tired. They all talked for a while, then Len's phone rang.
Len picked up the phone with everyone watching. Anxiously, he picked it up. As the person on the other end kept talking, Len's face brightened.
"YES!!!!" he said, and jumped up.
"What?" everyone else asked-at the same time
"Kaito just called me. He's coming."
Len's news was met with excitement. Everyone jumped up, and Len started singing. eventually, everybody joined in, and when the door knocked, Len went over and opened it.
"I'm here!" Kaito yelled. This inspired a fresh wave of music, and the party went 'till morning.
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