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Unova Junior High School ~ Chapter 1

by SwiftNinetalez

SwiftNinetalez Meet the characters! they will be going to Junior High on lessons about the pokemon in the Unova Region.
Hello, my name is Jade, I am 12 years old, and I'm in Grade 8 at the Unova Junior High school. Summer is finally over for us, and we have to go back to school.. Ugh.. I wish we didn't have school, but it has to happen for all of us boys and girls.

I remember my Grade 7 final exams, I got a 84% on my Math Exam which was very good.
My friend Markus is a gangsta that hates school, he failed his Math Exam. On my English Exam, I got a 88% which was better than my Math Exam. And finally, my worst subject of all, Science. I got a pretty low mark which was 69, I wasn't too happy with it, I wanted to throw it in the trash, but I couldn't.

Here I am now in Grade 8 where everything that I know of Pokémon will be harder to learn. I have to learn Pokemon from other regions that I have no idea about, But I will learn from the English teacher, Mr. Marsh. Anyway, I should be heading to school now, I don't want to be late on the first day.

~ Jade heads to the Unova Junior High School ~

There I met a few of my friends, Wilson, Markus, and Sierra..
I confronted them, to say how nice to see you guys again since it has been over 3 months.

Sierra said, Hi Jade! nice to see you again! :)
Wilson said, What? Jade! it's been so long! how's it going?
Markus said, Yo homie, whats up bro?
I said, Hey you guys, so what do you think of returning so far?

Markus said, Yo, this place is such a dump, I want to stay home, got it homie?
Sierra said, Yeah.. I remember this place alright..
Wilson said, I love this place! I can't wait to do math again! TEEHEE! :D

Markus said, Yo Wilson! Shut your mouth homie, I don't like math around here.
Wilson said, Hey! what's the big idea huh?!

I said, Guys! please don't fight, it's just the first day back.. Okay?
Markus said, Okay homie, I get it now.. We cool Wilson?
Wilson said, Yeah.. Sorry about that Markus..

Sierra: Guys! the announcement is coming on!

~ P.A rings outside of the school ~

P.A: All students can now enter the building, enjoy your first day at the Unova Junior High School, thank you.

Sierra: Okay guys! lets go.
Markus: Cut with the crap, I'm going to stay out here in the parking lot okay homies?
Jade/Wilson/Sierra: OKAY MARKUS!

Markus: Yo chill, I don't know why your so mad at me for all of a sudden.

Jade: ... Anyway, let's go inside shall we?

Sierra/Wilson: Yeah! lets go inside!

Markus: Peace!

~ Sierra, Wilson, and Jade headed Inside the Junior High School ~

Markus: Hmph.. Bunch of scams, traitors, and cheaters here in this school, my homies don't know that..

~ Jade, Wilson and Sierra look inside at something different ~

I said, Wow! it looks quite different than the last time I was here.
Sierra said, Yep! I wonder what our teachers will be..
Wilson said, Uh huh, I hope I get a math homeroom teacher! :D

I said, Hmm.. I hope to get an English or a Social Studies homeroom teacher.
I said, I want to learn more about Pokémon from other regions. What about you Sierra?
Sierra said, I want an English or a Health homeroom teacher.

P.A: All students that are in Grade 7, head to the Grade 7 Area on the main floor.
P.A: All students that are in Grade 8, head to the Grade 8 Area upstairs.
P.A: All students that are in Grade 9, head to the Grade 9 Area downstairs.

Jade: We are going upstairs? Okay then..
Sierra: Lets go Jade and Wilson!

Jade: ...
Sierra: :p

~ Jade, Sierra, and Wilson headed upstairs ~

Sierra said, Ooooh! so many classrooms, which one is mine?

I said, I have no idea, but lets look around to find our names on the list.

Then I remembered, a bully from last year in my class that was always picking on me, and would always steal my personal belongings, and attack me sometimes when no one is there at the unused classrooms, or behind the school in the woods where nobody should ever be, because of the wild Watchogs and Purrloins.

I swear to god, If he is in my class again in Grade 8, I am going to burst out crying.
I have to, he is tall and strong for a 12 year old. And I heard about him beating up a Grade 7 at lunch last year. The kid was crying, and he had scars on his stomach from that bully. He also had bruises on his face from the 2 punches that came from the bully. He got suspended for a week, I thought to myself that day.. "How cruel! Screw you Tim, I hope you get injured really bad and end up in the darn hospital".

That day, I couldn't control my anger against Tim, he went too far with that kid, and it made me feel angry, and even disgusted.

But the problem was..

Why did he run really fast out the door when he punched the kid's face twice?

Maybe he wanted to hide from the Principal, Mr. Reevo..

Or.. He wanted to hide because of.. The Ghost that was behind the kid..

All I know is that me and Tim can only see them.

We were gifted, only me and Tim that I know of can see these ghosts..

Almost like.. a Gastly? I learned about a ghost like that back in Elementary School.

Its a ghost type, I'm pretty sure.. DUH?!

But.. I've always wondered how me and Tim were gifted to see these ghost types.

The others cannot, they can see nothing, but the ghosts are there.

The ghosts don't harm anyone, like taking their soul or something.

They just roam around our school and they just don't know about it.

It will be hard to explain to everyone, they all think ghosts are fake and made up.

The Ghost type was forgotten 5 years ago, I can still remember.

They were cheaters at battling, they would instantly KO a pokemon right away without hesitation.

They got banned after the Pokémon Government of Unova took advantage and banned Ghost Types forever.

I will never see one again, but in fact.. Team Plasma has some ghost.. type.. pokemon..

They hid them away so the Government wouldn't take them and sent them away from Unova.

My dad used to be the Unova Champion, but Alder beat him 2 years later and ever since, My dad wants to reclaim his place as Champion.

He did collect all the badges before, he would always show them to me..

They were all so shiny, I liked the one with the feather.. The Jet Badge..

My mother was a breeder and would always nurse baby Pokémon like, Pichu, Elekid, Magby, and even Lillipup and Pidove.

But of course, she had a problem too.

One of them were very sick, and had to be treated at the Pokémon Center.

Luckily it was okay for a few weeks..

But.. Nurse Joy said that the pokemon will be giving medicine..

40% that it will live, and 60% that will kill it..

But you know.. Bad things happen in life, and as of a result..

That Pokémon that my mom was breeding died of the medicine..

... What a shame.

My life here at school will be tough along the way, It's going to be harder for me, and more difficult as the year passes by..

What lies in store for me here?

What will happen to me and my friends?

Will I ever be bullied by Tim again?

Find out in the Chapters of Unova Junior High.

Story written by: SwiftNinetalez


Mr. Reevo
Mr. Marsh