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Two for the Fairyman

by Yonagi Hinomoto

Yonagi Hinomoto A story revolving around my OC, Saline. A young trainer comes to grips with what she believes, is the true face of pokemon.
Chapter 1: Reflection
I'm not sure when I began to look at the world from the opposite end of the spectrum. It was probably back when my mother became a gym leader.

Nadine had come home later than normal. Saline was nervous babysitting the pokemon all by herself while her mother was out. She loved how the parents of her home village would give her the cutesy pokemon to babysit, instead of the bigger ones who were more well behaved. The 'meaner' the pokemon looked, the nicer they behaved. The cuter ones always tended to be a handful. In short, both she and her mother were very tired of just watching over other people's pokemon and wanted to make a huge change from just part time trainer to full-fledged gym leader.

With the smile that Nadine had on her face it seems that the bank approved their loan. They'll be able to buy the building that they wanted; to buy their gym! Putting the papers down on the dinner table, Nadine picked up her daughter and spun her around the room in happiness. "We have the loan Saline! Mommy's going to be a gym leader!" She cheered tackling her daughter on the couch. Saline smiled and giggled, kicking at the air for sport's sake.

"What's all this ruckus out here?" They both stopped to welcome her father in the living room. "Daddy's covered in honey!" Saline laughed. Her father was always was a klutz around the house. Giving some pokemon the wrong food, dropping babies,falling in rivers. He must have been caught off guard with the noise and hit his head on the honey shelf. He was not covered head to toe with bug pokemon.

"Oh, Garrett." Her mom got up and removed a caterpie from his face. "I got approved for the loan. I take the test in a week." Her father smiled as brightly as possible, "That's fantastic! I'll contact the Professor about the old team." Nadine kissed her husband, and wiped her mouth clean from the excess honey. "I'll ace it!" Her mother exclaimed.

And that she did. She rose quickly through the ranks of the gym order, eventually becoming gym number 7. The family fell apart in consequence. Her father still ran the daycare, and was happily remarried. Saline and her mother had moved to a town that prided itself on it's extensive graveyard. It's where Saline spent the most time coping with the divorce. She was 15 now, viable to become a trainer. She had made more friends in the graveyard than she had at school anyway.

One of her best friends was a Mismagius. Not too log ago she had a Misdreavus. She was beautiful to Saline. Her body was sleek and had a more evaporative trail on her hair tips. She was oddly colored, replacing the average indigo hue with violet streaks, for a forest green and yellow motif. Candle light made her look more rare than she was already. She would follow Saline home from time to time to play. Though they were both discouraged from walking around in public.

'That Misdreavus looks sick, what did she do to it?'
'Does it matter, that's Leader Nadine's kid. She's a complete recluse.'
'Is it her starter?'
'No one would use a ghost-type as a starter. Their hideous and weak.'

Hideous. Ghost-types were hideous and weak. She waited until the day was over to ask her mom about what she heard on the streets. Nadine wasn't exactly the kindest mother nowadays. She traded that in for power. Hence the badge name-- Power Badge. The Misdreavus was asleep, following quickly by her mother when she decided to ask. "Mom?"

Nadine tilted her head towards her daughter in acknowledgement. "Hm?" Saline petted the Misdreavus' hair. "Why do people hate ghost pokemon?" Nadine sat up and thought for a few moments. It gave Saline hope that her mother actually was in there somewhere. "Because, They wear they're true colors on the surface." And with that her mother went to bed. Carrying the Misdreavus to bed, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "I'll visit the professor in the morning." She mumbled and fell asleep.
Misdreavus flew up to Saline and nodded to the challenger that walked into her domain. They both smilied as anxiety set in.