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Traveler's Journal: Entry 6

by Lukenblaz

Lukenblaz Sixth chapter. Shit gets real son.
I woke up the next morning to find that Lavender was not in her bed. Thinking nothing of it I got dressed and began to wander around. Eventually I walked by the gym and noticed Lavender was inside by herself. Despite my curiosity being peaked I left her alone to train. She can tell me her gift when she wants too. I still need to thank James for having her assigned to my dorm. The door to his office was open and I stepped in.
"Hello Max. What brings you in here?"
"Oh I just wanted to thank you for assigning Lavender to my dorm."
"You're welcome." He winked at me and I proceeded to leave the room.
As I was heading out to the forest I noticed several Christmas decorations were strung about the halls. What was even more odd is the fact that none of the decorations were there when I first walked into James' office. They just appeared.

After a few more minutes I reached the clearing and began to meditate yet again. Some time later I felt a hostile presence. My eyes still being closed I looked at the direction of the hostile force. A red orb was approaching me, and at a very fast pace. As it drew closer I heard trees snapping and crashing as they were knocked over. Knowing I should prepare myself I stopped meditating and prepared an orb to throw. The hostile being reached the clearing and stared at me for a moment. It was extremely tall and covered with fur. In the next moment the beast lunged. Sensing it's purpose I dodged the attack and threw the orb. The monster was thrown back by the force of impact and slammed into a nearby tree. It got up, threw it's hands out and claws appeared. Oh shit. This is about to get real. I lunged first this time with a fistful of aura (HMMMM WHAT A SURPRISE!). We rolled a few yards with me punching and the beast trying to take a hunk out of me. I left my guard open for a millisecond and I felt the teeth sink into my shoulder. A scream of pain issued from me and blue claws appeared between my knuckles. I stabbed with those claws straight into the monster's chest. The beast let out a roar and lay still. A few more safety stabs just to make sure it was dead I left the clearing pulling the body behind me. In pain and about to pass out from lack of blood I dragged the carcass to the Refuge and blacked out.

End of Chapter 6