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Trading Card

by Rex

Trading Card.png
Rex I'm a... I guess you would call me a lesser known Artist on dA. The majority of my stuff there, and what gets the most attention of my work, is Transformation stuff. I wasn't sure about posting any of that here because I was worried about the response it might get. But hey, it's not like it breaks any rules, and it can't do much worse than my current stuff. So I'll try this one to test the waters. Enjoy.
  1. Linkachu
    I've often wanted to ask you about how you became interested in transformation artwork, be it something you sought out yourself or an interest that developed due to particular web communities you're part of. Either way, it's interesting artwork and I enjoy looking through it. ^^

    Good choices for Fighting-types in this pic. x3 I like the little touches you've added to the Mienshao, the markings and piercings. This pic definitely captures that playing card feel as well. Thanks for sharing! :)
    Sep 17, 2013
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