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The Utah region: The Utah region, part 1: The beggining of a Champion...

by Rio1ink

Rio1ink Many years have passed and our former Professor of the Kanto region, Professor Oak, has just recently found a batch of new Pokémon and a new region called, the Utah region. A young beginner by the name of Dan, who is from kanto and is 10 years old, has decided to compete in the Elite 4, of the Utah region.
Many years have passed since, the near distruction of the mythical legendary Pokémon, Hoopa. Many people have discovered that owning a Pokémon is unsafe, and that kids shouldn't be allowed to keep one. This story is about a begginer named Dan, who is secretly on a journey to become a Pokémon master, without his mother knowing.
(Note: This is the first work I've written.)

-On the last night of Dan planning to leave on his journey, he was having trouble sleeping. He couldn't imagine what the Utah region would be like, and what starter he should choose.
“I just can't sleep,” said Dan, tiredly, “I'm so excited!” exclaimed Dan.
“DAN!,” his mom exclaimed angrily, “GO TO BED!”. Dan was so afraid to answer back.
“Sleep,” Dan thought to his self, “Got to get some sleep”.

The next day...
“Good morning mom, I'm off to, somewhere...,” said Dan, “... and could I borrow twenty dollars?”.
“Sure thing, and where are you going?” questioned his mom.
“Somewhere...,” said Dan while running out of the house, “Great! with my savings, and twenty bucks, I have enough for a cab, a plane ticket and also some snacks” Dan thought to his self.
“Sure hope mom will be okay” he thought to his self. When Dan got to the airport, he saw someone familiar.
“Professor Oak?,” asked Dan, “What are you doing here?”.
“Oh, hey Dan, see, even though I'm retired, I would still like to see all of the Pokémons around the world,” answered the Professor, “Theres also a deluxe resort there for retirees”.
“And what about you?,” questioned the Professor.
“Oh, I'd like to see all the Pokémons too,” Dan answered untruthfully.
“Splendid!” the Professor shouted.
“Plane for the Utah region is now bording” said the lady on the microphone. The Professor, took Dan's hand, and ran towards the plane.
“Hey Dan! Saved you a window seat” said the Professor.
“Thanks Professor Oak” Dan said.
“Hey Dan, let me tell you about my stories in the past, then you can tell me yours," said the Professor, "There's this boy from Pallet town, by the name of Ash, who has always been traveling around all of the regions, just to compete in the elite fours, but never succeeded. I'm sure he's on his way to the Utah region right now and maybe, you could come across him sometime".
“Something tells me this is gonna be a long ride” Dan thought to his self.

Finished part 1, wait for part 2.
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  1. Rio1ink
    This is the first I've written so please no bad criticisms, and I know, I suck...
    Mar 23, 2015