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The Pokemon and its History pt.1

by Dertholntez

Dertholntez Hey guys and girls , I am doing today a special coz I reached ten likes a total and that may sound sucky to some of ya guys and girls but , hey , it is an achievement.So this is about my theories or my read theories on the Internet about da Pokemon and its history but mostly of my theories.This one will I think conclude 5 parts so yeah.

hope ya guys and girls like it.

Lets go....
Pokemon.Pokemon are creatures that helped , protected and lived . There were all formed by 4 gods , Arceus , Zikthanor , Galventhia and Atlentern."They had created Pokemon to live and die.When Pokemon were on the world for the first time , the humans at that time appreciated them.Years have passed on and the Pokemon still live.One day , Zikthanor came down on the world and surged the world with vicious terror.Pokemon still survived despite the destruction.Arceus came down on the world to tell a message to all created beings.He mixed and created the mouse with eagle and cat with dragon.The Pokemon now had powers themselves and some disobeyed the humans.A century passed going on to the Age of Caravaners.

People with black skin , copper skin and brown skin were the people of the Caravaners.Pokemon helped them as they grew a strong population.One of the Caravaners one day climbed the mountain where Zikthanor made chaos and did a ritual that shaked the world . Atlentern came down and made him one with the Blood Spirit.The Blood Spirit , created by Atlentern was to be only given to the most demonic and cruel hearted.The Caravaners and Pokemon were scared terribly as they went into hiding.The Blood Spirit found them and caused ultimate chaos to the Caravaners and the Pokemon.The ground had cracks , the sea had everlasting whirlpools , the sun burns brighter than ever before as chaos ruled the whole world.

Arceus came down and fought with the Blood Spirit.The Blood Spirit was victorious in the battle as the Blood Spirit cursed Arceus.The curse was that Arceus could not ever be holy but every type of element except holy.Galventhia came down and won against the Blood Spirit.Galventhia tortured the Blood Spirit and killed him.6 centuries passed as it went to the Mid-Age Eon time.The Eons were the most arrogant , strong and confident people at that time.They found what was called gold and realised it could do very well to the people.In the Mid-Age Eon time , there was no such thing as poor.Years passed and the gods grew angry over the Eons.Not a single prayer nor service to them as they came down.

Arceus wiped out the Eon while Zikthanor caused the castles , houses and riches to malnourish.Galventhia and Atlentern destroyed the ground and the Pokemon they had.It was probably history's most dangerous event.After this happened , Pokemon from forests , jungles and deserts came to inhabit the destructed city.The Pokemon inhabited it for 24 centuries (really long) as the Sky Warriors came along.The Sky Warriors made the Pokemon their friends or pets.They made a city that had moderate rich and moderate poor.Zikthanor suddenly came down one day and caused the seas to drown the Sky Warriors.But a certain Pokemon weakened Zikthanor causing him to escape.The population of the Sky Warriors were little as the years passed.

In the High Heavens , Zikthanor overthrowed Arceus and destroyed the High Heavens.The other three gods served Zikthanor as Zikthanor revived the Blood Spirit.The Sky Warriors becam extinct as the Girasas came and inhabited the place.