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The Legend of the Myros

by Dertholntez

Dertholntez Hey guys this is my 3rd written work and it is my 2nd fan fic.It is supposed to be my 3rd fan fic and my 2nd series of fan fic but my work kept on getting erased.So hope you guys and girls enjoy my 1st series of fan fic.

Let's start......
They say the fondest hearts of dragon riders or users can enter the
Sanctuary of the Shiny Dragonites but there is another legend which has never been told to anyone that holds a powerful secret , a secret that holds majestic power and pure riches beyond the imagination.This is the Legend of the Myros.The Myros were mortals that lived on top of the cold pinnacle of mountains but had a natural ability that allows them to ride dragons and use them . They can even talk to dragons!

The Myros were underestimated in the time of the hero of Pokemon , Grey . Grey had never heard about the Myros and decided to go to the cold mountains of the Southern Krados (The Southern Krados is the region and place where Grey lives and rules).When Grey reached the summit of the mountains , he found that he was wrong about the Myros.He spended more time in the cold mountains and even tried to learn how to ride dragons.

He finally went back and told the kingdom of Krados that the Myros aren't weak people and live an extraordinary life than us.Many people disagreed with him and he was thought to be a weak ruler.The people of Krados started to think wrongly about Grey and some even tried to backfire at him.The Myros found about what happened and suddenly one day , the Myros attacked!The Myros took Grey with them and attacked the city with devastating power.Everyone feared the Myros and hailed to them . Soon , the Myros returned back to the mountains with Grey as the kingdom of Krados were left in ruin.

Till this day , Grey died with the Myros and became a traitor to Krados but a memorable hero to Pokemon.(Ryan speaks)"That is how the story goes." "Cool , I wouldn't mind checking out that Krados place."jokes Gary , a young teen who loves his Ground and Dragon type Pokemon,a clumsy and "tries to act funny" guy.

But,the story will continue.........

Writer's note

Hey guys.I'm already posting out part 1 because I don't have much time to do at night (I like sleeping) . So , hopefully I should have the time to do part 2 tomorrow and try to explain who's Gary and Ryan and continue the story.So , I hope you guys don't feel bummed so yeah , see ya later!

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