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The Adventures of Nathan: The Adventures of Nathan Part 1-A surprising event!

by Zealous_Zenith

Zealous_Zenith Today Nathan starts off his adventure to Scanscratch city to get his first pokemon and let's just say...The professer's lab didn't look like what Nathan expected...Read on to find out what happend and if you wanna see more... Than be sure to like and follow if you wanna keep up with the series!
Chapter 1

"Sigh..here it goes..." Nathan said to himself as he was on route one million, one route away from Professer Redwood's lab, and the meeting place of his new pokemon partner.

"Repels? Check. Pokeballs? Check. Potions? Check. Looks like everything is rea-WOOOOAAHHHHHH!!!!" Nathan got rudely interrupted and knocked over by a blazing fast person heading to the same place he is: Scanscratch city.

"What the? Well if he think he's getting first dibs on starter pokemon he is....Absolutely WRONG!" He went super speed going way faster than the other person (Probably the explanation on why he's called Sonic in school.)

Nathan finally made it to Scanscratch City were it was super busy and everyone is talking when he suddenly got a tap on the shoulder.

He turned around and he saw the person he ran past by "Hey nice speed you got there. Do you take track lessons?" He asked "The names Tanner. Tanner Lisourner if you please! Anyway, is it just me or do you smell smoke?" Nathan sniffed the air "it is true...it smells like something is on fire"

He made it to the professer's lab and saw.... "That because...The professer's lab is on fire!" The two boys shouted and they were right.

The lab was ablaze...as if a charizard's used his biggest flamethrower on the lab and there in the middle of the fire was three shadows there. Two bad looking people and the last...Professer Redwood "Give us yo pokemon Mister or your head will be in this fire too!

"Uh...uh...here! I got all starters! Kanto to Kalos now leave me alone!" Redwood said and the grunt took them when Nathan and Tanner interrupted "hey leave him alone without the stealing please!" Tanner said with Nathan nodding they snatched two pokemon from the grunts "Let's battle!" Nathan said and a battle begun.

2 minutes later.......

"Wow we were anailated!" Nathan saw his fainted fennekin and Tanner's fainted Squirtle and then he glanced at the foe's Wartortle and pidgeotto and the grunts threw a smoke bomb

"See ya losers!" The grunts said "Team Turbinesky out!" And they disappeared, however leaving two pokemon behind.

Both shimmered and sparkled.

And once the dust cleared up...

Everyone gasped...

To be continued...
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