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Techno-Ransom, Part I

by BrickWall9000+

BrickWall9000+ Derek Hemmings, a Hall of Fame trainer from the pass, fails to catch a Regirock due to a mlfunctioning Pokéball. Then none of his Pokémon would return. He needs to get to the bottom of it.
"Technician's log book. July 17, 2098. After months of tireless research, I finally have the right bug for the job. I am now ready to hack into the mother circuit. With my electronic general, Porygon-Z, nothing can stop me." A USB shaped like a Volcorona was hooked into a port. A passcode was typed in and a voice said, "it's ransom time."
"Thunder, use discharge!" Derek exclaimed. Derek was set on catching a Regirock that inhabited the subterranean tunnels near Accumula Town. He had been down brawling with Regirock using his Eelektross, whose name is Thunder, for an hour now. Derek was a trainer who had gotten himself into the Unova Hall of Fame using only Thunder, a Meloetta he knew from childhood, and a humble Porygon named Folder. Thunder glowed blue and let out a blue jet of electricity that hit Regirock. The mighty beast barely flinched and sent out a lethal Stone Edge. A direct hit! Thunder fell to the ground and Regirock used Earthquake. Derek recalled Eelektross and sent out Folder. "Use Focus Blast!" Derek commanded. Porygon let loose with an orb of energy that exploded on Regirock. The great titan shuddered and fell to one knee. "Now is the time!" Derek exclaimed. He took out an Ultra Ball. He threw it and it directly hit Regirock...But did not encase it?! Regirock dug into the ground and burrowed away. Derek was confused. Usually the Pokéball entraps the Pokémon for at least a few seconds before the Pokémon escapes. "Oh, well. There's always next time." Derek stated sadly. He called Folder back, but it wouldn't get in its Pokéball. "What?" He tried recalling it three times. Derek was getting suspicious. "Come on, Folder." Derek beckoned. Folder floated after him as they exited the tunnel to make his way toward the Pokémon Center. Regirock poked it's head up from the ground behind them to watch them leave. It also was puzzled.
The Pokémon Center was lined up with trainers for a mile once Derek got there. Each person held one or more Pokémon. Derek walked up to his best friend Earl, who held two Piplup and had one on his head. "What on Earth is going on?" Derek asked. "Nobody's Pokéballs are working. We all have to carry them by hand." "Seriously?" Derek asked. "Have I ever lied to you?" Earl asked. "Yes," Derek answered. To be continued.