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Taya Defenders Team P. Member, Jacob

by CombuskenBrazil

CombuskenBrazil YOU should not have any idea what the h*ll is this, the Taya Defenders team is kind of the opposite team Blade, they have a few fights, but they do not only does this, as in every city of Taya, there are one or more watchers on it... Now, about Jacob, first, you must be asking yourself: Hmmm, how he wields this thing?
Well, this sword (Yes, it's a sword) is somewhat different when, like, no one will wield it as a Long Sword or Katana, type, the tip up (Is that right?). She is kind, always scraping on the ground, and the attack is direct and fast, nothing to prepare and... FLNHENG (This was an attempt to make the sound of a sword attack in the air...?)... Only this! (Something is wrong, is very difficult to translate know?)
Oh forgot to say, these purple marks on his uniform are to show his "area" type, it is part of the specialized area OF SEARCH (caps lock, because I forgot to write T-T) and Combat Patrol, called the P. area, or Purple area... Finished...
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