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Sylveon VS Garchomp - The Deciding Battle

by Demelza

Demelza Mostly based around a running joke between me and a friend of mine where her Garchomp is quite mean to my Eevee. The story was written before we knew everything about the Fairy Type and Sylveon itself, so some things might not make sense against the information which has been revealed since.
Today was the promised day. Today was the day two young Pokémon trainers and their partner Pokémon finally played their final battle to prove just who was the tougher of the two of them. Dem and Katie had been friends for as long as either of them could remember. They’d also had their partner Pokémon Gible and Eevee for as long as either of them could remember. Their Pokémon had always fought, purely because Gible was a mean old Pokémon and liked to tease Eevee and/or bite the poor Pokémon’s tail. However, so far Eevee and Dem had never won a match against Katie and Gible. They’d gotten close a number of times but as Gible got stronger and eventually evolved into Garchomp their losses had become quicker and the difference in strength between the two Pokémon was quite clear to the two trainers. Nevertheless whenever Dem and Katie met on their travels the two would do battle without fail. After all, both sides felt like they’d be letting their partners down if they didn’t keep battling.

Today marked five years since the two trainers had started their journey with their partners. Both had been through and seen a lot of things, but they’d both agreed that on this day they’d return to their hometown of Blackthorn City and do battle just once more. Dem had already arrived and was pondering the best place for their battle.

“Battling in the city gives Garchomp the advantage really, but going into the Ice Cave likely isn’t fair on her either,” Dem sighed to herself. This place may have been the agreed place but it wasn’t really all that fair for either side. All this mostly amounted to Katie being late and Dem and her partner feeling rather restless at this point.

“Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem!” Dem turned and saw a figure approaching the entrance to the town. She wore the same goofy smile as always and seemed completely carefree, something which never seemed to change.

“You’re late, Katie,” Dem muttered as she approached her friend slowly.

“I…am?” Katie asked her friend curiously, clearly not caring about this fact one way or the other.

“Katie, the day you aren’t late will be the day the world ends,” Dem complained and shook her friend’s hand upon reaching her. “Shall we start our battle right now then?”

“Sure thing,” Katie replied and threw her Pokéball into the air releasing her partner, Garchomp. As the flash of light from the Pokéball dimmed Dem could make out the figure of a tall purple Pokémon with a red chest and two blade-like things running down its arms. Garchomp had always reminded Dem of a shark. The mean glint in its eye and the tendency to try and bite Eevee’s tail hadn’t helped this image. Regardless Dem had grown fond of the Pokémon and was glad to see that it looked like it was rather looking forward to this up-coming challenge.

“Right then, get ready to lose this time, Katie.” Dem walked a good eight feet away from Katie and Garchomp and threw her own Pokéball into the air. As the flash of light dimmed it revealed a small cream Pokémon with big blue eyes, big pink ears, and what seemed to be ribbon-like things attached to it.

Katie reached for her Pokédex and pointed it at the new Pokémon. “Huh, that’s odd. My Pokédex doesn’t have any data on the little guy,” Katie mused.

“This little guy is called Sylveon and is a new type of Pokémon which evolves from Eevee, so your Pokédex won’t have any data on it yet,” Dem grinned.

“Hoping that gives you the advantage over Garchomp?”

“No. I don’t need to hope because I know it will.”

Dem was very confident that with Sylveon beside her she’d be able to take down the Dragon and Ground type. After all, they’d been training hard all for this moment.

“Right, let’s get this match started. Sylveon, Quick Attack, go!” Dem commanded her loyal Pokémon. Sylveon was quick - that was evident from the start. The Pokémon sprang off its feet across the battle field towards Garchomp hoping to land the first attack as revenge for all the times Garchomp had outsped it as an Eevee.

“Garchomp, dodge it and use Dragon Claw!”

Garchomp waited until the very last second, then stepped to the side in order to avoid Sylveon and quickly swung one arm ‘round in order to land its Dragon Claw attack. Sylveon may have had speed but it was also clumsy and hadn’t expected Garchomp to be moving so soon. At this range there was no way it was going to be able to avoid the oncoming Dragon Claw.

“Sylveon, use Draining Kiss and then get outter there!”

Sylveon turned its head to face Garchomp and as Garchomp’s arm came around to smash Sylveon with the Dragon Claw the small Pokémon bit down on Garchomp’s blade and started sucking the energy from it. Sure the Dragon Claw had done damage, but nothing Sylveon couldn’t recover from with the Draining Kiss. Garchomp managed to throw Sylveon off and the smaller Pokémon retreated a safe distance away from the mighty dragon.

“Nicely done, Sylveon,” Dem smiled at her partner, evidently proud of how they’d turned things around in their first move. It was clear that Sylveon’s new attack was also leaving Katie and Garchomp quite puzzled, which is what the two had been hoping for. “Sylveon, let’s go. Use Fairy Wind!”

“Garchomp, use dig and hide underground!” Katie commanded her Pokémon. She’d never heard of an attack called Fairy Wind before and while the name seemed laughable she knew just how serious Dem and Sylveon were. The two would do anything in order to win this match. Garchomp dug its way safely underground before anything could happen to it, leaving Sylveon to look on to its trainer curiously, awaiting its next command.

“Alright, Sylveon, use Swift and bring Garchomp back to earth.”

Sylveon nodded and leapt towards the hole Garchomp had created. It quickly sent a Swift attack into the hole and retreated a safe distance away, awaiting Garchomp to surface. Sure enough within a few minutes Garchomp surfaced, but not quite where Dem had expected. Garchomp surfaced underneath Sylveon and bit down on the small Pokémon’s tail with an evil look in its eyes, just like it would have done with Eevee.

“Sylveon, use Fairy Wind and then Quick Attack!” Dem commanded, far more relaxed than Katie had expected her to be considering the situation Sylveon was now in.

“Garchomp, Protect!”

Garchomp was too slow and that was its error. In order to use Protect the Pokémon had to let go of Sylveon and the second it did a sharp wind cut into the dragon. Once Sylveon had its feet back on the ground it launched into its Quick Attack while the dragon was still stunned and sent Garchomp flying back across the battle field.

“Sylveon, let’s finish this. Use Moon Blast!”

Garchomp was still winded from the Quick Attack and could only look on helplessly as Sylveon began to glow spookily like a full moon. The once cute and gentle Pokémon suddenly looked a lot more serious and deadly. Suddenly large rocks fell from the sky hitting Garchomp square on and finishing the dragon off once and for all.

“Garchomp!” Katie ran over to her Pokémon, both to say well done on a hard fought fight and to see just what damage had been done.

Dem stood quietly, observing the exchange between Katie and Garchomp while also waiting for Sylveon to calm down and regain control of itself. While the two had been training they’d realised Moon Blast was a very powerful attack and not one to be used lightly. Sylveon could barely control itself during the move after all, but they’d realised that the move was also their only hope of overcoming Garchomp. Dem walked over to her small Pokemon and patted its head, which brought Sylveon back to its senses and overjoyed at the fact that it had finally won a battle against Katie and Garchomp.

The two walked side by side towards their friends and rivals, happy that they’d won the fight and safe in the knowledge that they’d be friends and rivals with Katie and Garchomp forever more. They’d done well this time though, very well indeed.
  1. TheFireMaster
    Cool, it's like the a real pokemon episode, if not then a seen from the game!
    Jul 1, 2014
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  2. HuskyDragonWolvez
    I love this story, very energetic to me :)

    But...since Fairy is immune to dragon-type moves...Garchomp's Dragon Claw would have no effect on Sylveon...

    Nevermind, I see the story's date now XD sorry 'bout that
    Jan 19, 2014
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  3. Shiny Pyxis
    Shiny Pyxis
    This is so awesome, Dem ♥ I enjoyed reading it a lot! The battle was great, and seeing you and Katie in your fic with your Gible/Garchomp and Eevee/Sylveon outside of battle was kinda cute~
    Sep 20, 2013
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  4. Linkachu
    "Garchomp surfaced underneath Sylveon and bit down on the small Pokémon’s tail with an evil look in its eyes, just like it would have done with Eevee."

    I shall always love that line. ♥

    Really enjoyed reading through this, Dem. It was a fun story and quite a nicely written battle too. Thanks for finally sharing it. Nice to see it posted on the Corner too. Do post more someday! ^^
    Sep 20, 2013
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  5. ShinyZekrom009
    I really liked this story. Gible being the bully and the stronger of the two, just for Eevee to finally come out on top when she evolved into a new Pokemon, was a great focus for a story. Interestingly, Eevee managed to evolve into one of the two Pokemon with types that would trump Dragon, and it was the newer one that didn't have data in the 'Dex yet. I especially loved the part with Moonblast :D
    Sep 18, 2013