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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Soot City Battle (Steel Gym) [Final Gym Battle]

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel vs Samir, the Final Battle before Uriel can head on to Ever Grande Stadium and joined the Regional Championships, but he should expet this to be the hardest battle of his trainer life.
We went back to the gym, where we talked. "Welcome to Soot City's Gym, I'm the gym leader as you may know, Samir!" he said. "I'm Uriel, and I have come from the Kalos Region to train in New Hoenn and become Champion" I said. "I'm Samir, I was borned here in Oldale Town as well, and yes I know Brendan but not as much as I know Flora (May in French version games). You know, I have travelled across region with my partner for life" Samir said. "I see, how is this going down" I said. "The use of only two pokemon on each team, chose wisely" Samir said. I thought really hard, and chose Monferno and Metang (Yeah he evolve, forgot to mention it). "I have it" I said. "Go first" Samir said. "Go Monferno" "Go, Scizor" Samir said. Monferno Fire Punch, Scizor Bullet Punch. Scizor moved first and stroke down Monfero, almost knocking him out but Monferno moves fast enough to defeat Scizor. "Hmm, I'm impressed" Samir said. "Hard work, it takes time" I said. "I remember Steve saying that to me when I was a kid five years ago" Samir said. "He gave me my starter, which is in the pokeball, and his going to beat you" Samir said. "GO METANG" SAMIR YELLED. A shiny Metang appeared. "Then if that's the case, GO METANG" I YELLED AS WELL. Both Metang look at each other ready to battle. "Metang use Meteor Mash, DODGE and use Hammer Arm. Metang managed to move first, but the Shiny Metang managed to dodge and hit a nice Hammer Arm, which was very effective. Metang, use Psyshock, you too Metang. Both Metangs hit hard at each others for like half an hour. A light appeared in both Metangs, and both evolve at the same time. I remembered that Flannery gave me a mega stone fro Metagross back at Moss City saying it belong to Steven. "Ready?" I said. "Ready" Samir said. "MEGA EVOLVE" WE BOTH SCREAMED and huge power came from both Metagross exploding the roof of the gym and bringing a huge pillar of light from their to the sky. "METAGROSS USE HYPER BEAM, METEGROSS COUNTER IT WITH HYPER BEAM AS WELL. BOTH METAGROSS STROKE HARD AT EACH OTHER AND THE ENTIRE GYM EXPLODED EVERYONE ACROSS THE REGION HEARD THE NOISE AND SAW THE LIGHT...
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  1. JC111414
    Thanks, I made the next part already. Guess he shouldn't doubt the power of two mega Metagross
    Jul 12, 2015
  2. JacobRaze
    But that ending. Amazing.
    Jul 12, 2015