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Red Hood vs Winter Soldier

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Red Hood vs Winter Soldier
In Los Angeles, a red masked man roamed the allies, thinking about something. Red Hood, or Jason Todd, had heard the news about the death of some DC heroes and villains and also heard that Marvel heroes and villains were behind it. Some DC heroes have prevailed, but most didn’t. Red Hood had been told to come here for a fight to the death, and he accepted. He was then hit in the face by something metal and turned around to see his opponent. Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Red Hood glared and pulled out his sword. “So…..you ready, dumbass?” Red Hood questioned. “Heh…Kid, you have no idea what pain you’re going to earn….” Bucky replied. Jason rolled his eyes and slashed at his rival, who dodged and countered with his dagger. Jason and Bucky punched each other in the stomach, then face. The Red Hood stabbed Bucky in the leg, then did an uppercut. Bucky back-flipped back and grabbed a nearby rifle. He began firing, but the bullets were blocked by Red’s expert swordplay. He ran up to Bucky while blocking and slashed the gun in half. Bucky glared and took out his sniper. Red took out his handgun and began firing, as did Bucky. Red then kicked his rival in the chest and slashed Bucky in the arm. Bucky jumped up high and covered the area with smoke from his smoke bombs. Red looked around angrily, and saw a bullet approaching him. Red dodged, but was shot in the stomach. Red growled and took out his large gun. He kissed it and began firing. Bucky countered with bullets from his shotgun, then grabbed the tip of Jason’s gun and lifted up. Red began firing the wrong way for a second, and tried countering again, but was stabbed in the chest. Red growled and stabbed Bucky in the head. Jason and Bucky both glared at each other before both collapsing. Red Hood slowly stood up to see his rival barely getting on his knees. Jason smirked, then took off his mask. He grabbed the Winter Soldier’s face and laughed. “Remember my face….Because it’s the last one you’ll ever see”. Red Hood then took out his handgun and shot Bucky in the forehead. Bucky screamed one final time before his brains and blood went everywhere. Red Hood stood up and sighed. “That was…..fun.” He said.
This fight’s winner is: