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Quick Struggle Episode 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox For those who don't like all the research, read this!
In this round, 2 rivals in chaos will battle.... Megamind vs. Dexter.....
GO! Megamind blasted Dexter with multiple ray guns, who dodged in a cartoonish style. Dexter managed to get a good punch and kick on Megamind, who stumbled back. Dexter, who was starting to win, blasted multiple rockets at Megamind, who ran away, quickly, but he was caught by he rockets, and an explosion came. Dexter stared in shock, as Megamind perished in the flames. He won. He finally won! With that, Dexter's giant robot suit that we all know and love, stomped on Megamind's burning body, killing him, then flew off. KO!

Round 2!
Percy Jackson vs. Link! GO! Link waited as Percy pulled out his sword, and the 2 clashe weapons, and Percy was knocked back by Link's increased strength,(Gauntlets), and was delivered a couple of swipes to the chest, than kicked away. Perry leaped into the air, only to be caught by Link's grappling hook and pulled down. Perry stabbed Link's leg, but his arms were caught by arrows, as blood came out, and was finally killed by a fury of punches from Link's gauntlets. Link left the boy as he bled. KO!

Final Round!
Yarn Kirby was running like heck! Some crazy guy arrived and nearly killed Fluff! He came as soon as he could, but was punched across the face. It didn't hurt, being made of yarn, but it did push him away. He then looked around to see a giant black ball with teeth and for some reason, had legs. Must of got 2 goomba boots. Yarn Kirby and Chain Chomp clashed as their bodies met, a tank and a iron ball. Yarn Kirby tied his rope around the beast, and flew away, but was chomped on and went into the guy's stomach. Chain Chomp went to go away, but his body started getting larger, until it went pop, and a Tank with Yarn Kirby's face appeared, blasting all the iron scraps away. KO!
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  1. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Got it! Thanks.
    Oct 22, 2014
  2. Adrian2AMBoss
    Kewl! Check out a New Chapter of Pokemon XY Adventures!
    Oct 22, 2014