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Pokémon trainer Lauren

by SarahtheEmolga

2014-04-24 14.43.32.jpg
SarahtheEmolga Bio:
Lauren (Japanese: ローレン Rooren) is a traveling companion of Ash Ketchum and cousin of Clemont and Bonnie. She appeared in “Lauren and Helioptile’s Battle Strategy!”

Age: 10/11

Hair color: Yellow/blonde

Eye color: Green

Voice actor (English): Lilliana Mumy (She voices Beth in Bravest Warriors)

Voice actor (Japanese): Megumi Sato (who voices Bonnie's Dedenne)

Appearance: Lauren is a young girl who looks much like her cousins, except having dark green eyes. She has yellow-blonde hair in a high ponytail and wears a pale yellow hoodie-vest, green shorts and yellow sneakers with green laces. She wears a white visor with a red Poké Ball design. She is voiced by Lilliana Mumy in the English dub and Megumi Sato in the original Japanese version.
Her companion Pokémon is a Helioptile. :3

Lauren (c) Me!!!
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