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Pokemon Special: New Gen Chapter 2

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Well, the kids meet the parents. That's pretty much it. Also, Blue+ Matchmaking= FUN! Plus, Blue= Girl, Green= Boy.
The kids are saved by their parents. Hopefully, Treasure and Grey can clear things up! "Are you doppelgangers?" Black asked. "No, actually, we're your kids from the future!" Treasure piped. "WHAT?" The dexholders (Other then Gold) yelled. "Makes sense to me." Gold stated. "How are you our kids! None of us are pregnant!" Crystal yelled. "Well, not yet. In the future, Team Aqua and Magma rule our world. Luckily, in our secret bunker, Orange found Yellow's old journal, which had a Celebi inside it, and then here we are." Grey explained. The only one who didn't understand now was Diamond. "But, which are the families?" He asked. "Well, Red and Yellow are the parents of Orange, Gold and Crystal are the parents of Treasure, Silver and Soul are the parents of Dusk, Me and Garnet are the son and daughter of Ruby and Sapphire, Dya is the daughter of Diamond and Platinum, and Grey, while, he's pretty obvious." Sapph explained. Black yelled "YEAH! WE HAD A BOY!!!" White giggled at her boyfriend's behaviour, Dia and Platinum smiled happily, Ruby smiled, Sapphire yelled "I KNEW WE WOULD HAVE A BOY!", Gold was laughing, Crystal was hugging her daughter, Silver was... smiling?!, Soul was squealing, Green was patting his son's back, Blue was thinking "Matchmaking!", Red was laughing because his daughter's name was just a mix of his and Yellow's, and Yellow was smiling, hugging Orange. Later.... "Okay, Soul, time for matchmaking!" Blue, now her secret persona "Aoi" declared. Her sidekick, often called Tamashi in matchmaking, nodded. First: GoldenChild Shipping: Orange and Aqua. Aoi and Tamashi were sneaking up on Green and Aqua, who were training with Golduck and Squirtle. "Tamashi, distract Green, I'll get Aqua!" Aoi told. Tamashi giggled mischievously. "Senior, Green, Cynder needs some help! He's losing control of his Blast Burn!" Tamashi said. Green noticed Soul was dressed in her secret suit, but ignored it, following Soul. Then, Aoi striked. "Aqua Darling!" Aoi yelped. Aqua turned around to see his mom dressed up, but ignored it aswell. "Yeah, Mom?" "Orange needs help with.... uh... going to the beach!" Aoi ordered. "Got it, I'll get my motorcycle." Aqua said. Just as oblivious as His Uncle. Blue thought to herself. At the beach..... Aoi and her Ditto had followed the duo. When the two teens got their, Ditty turned into scissors and cut all the wires on the motorcycle, disabling it. "Dang, my Motorcycle isn't going!" Aqua yelled. Orange just shrugged. "You can just stay here with me for now." Orange decided. All according to plan. Aoi thought. She called Tamashi, and watched happily. After some fun... Aqua and Orange were sitting on a big rock near watching the sunset.(That's a bit cheesy, Bluefox. Shut up, Amnomous Reader. It's adorable.) Aqua started feeling warm, as did Orange. It was... well, to Aqua, weird. Orange, being Oblivious, had know idea what it was. Aoi figured out nothing would happen, so she told her Ditto repair her the motorcycle. Next will be more easier... Aoi thought. Speedball shipping: Dyana and Garnet.