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Pokemon Showdown Stadium Intro!

by nooblynob

nooblynob 10 top notch pokemon teams will compete in a 2v2 battle!
Hello Pokefans! I am your host, Sandslash, and today we have 10 great pokemon teams! Let's pair up our teams on the board! *Sandslash pulls the lever to decide the teams* Okay, it looks like Team 1 is Gardevoir and Meditite! Team 2 is Mightyena and Carvanha!
Team 3 is Charmeleon and Sealeo! Team 4 is Flygon and Pikachu! Team 5 is Glaceon and Gliscor! Team 6 is Gallade and Boldore! Team 7 is Gogoat and Torkoal! Team 8 is Scolipede and Ducklett! Team 9 is Lapras and Yanmega! And finally, Team 10 is Ambipom and Corsola! Now, lets find out what field Team 1 and 2 will be battling on! *Sandslash pulls the lever to decide what field will be played on* The first field is the Water field! Now, lets get this showdown started! * Gardevoir and Meditite use Psychic to levitate on to the field and drop on two pads in the water* *Carvanha swims in the water, and Mightyena sits on a pad in the water* Now, lets get this showdown started, next time! Stay tuned for Pokemon Showdown Stadium!
  1. Destruction
    team 4 and 5 will win
    Jun 29, 2014
  2. Seancharmander27
    im fan of charmeleon so go team 3
    Jun 29, 2014
  3. Seancharmander27
    hi what are you talking about
    Jun 29, 2014