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Pokemon Neon-Legend (Intro & Chapter1a)

by Tingfeng-Anna

Tingfeng-Anna Hi everyone! I created this my own Pokemon story after designing a few self-created new Pokemon. I'll use them in this story. ^_^
Quite a long way to write this Pokemon Neon, and I haven't finish it yet......(not even Chapter 1, and there is a troubling plot setting of 35 chapters!!!) But I'll try my best to carry on, and the best, complete it. :)
Thanks for reading my creation!!! Please support then~~
Neon Region, is a wide kingdom covered with mystical creatures that has been related as ‘living magic’-Pokémon. They share this amazing, incredible land with humans for centuries, eras and millenniums. Most of the humans admire, love, respect, or even worship the Pokémon’s unique powers, and finally, learned to work together with them in the long survival and developing history. Humans keep Pokémon as friends, workers and partners, and use them in daily chores, constructions, and helpers in business……but the absolutely world-famous way,


Earlier than 5,000 years from now, humans in ancient Neon civilizations had created a Pokémon-capturing tool which can tame them in a harmless way-the Pokéball. It has been fixed and redesigned into a more perfect, easily-using item by modern scientists, and has developed into various types.

Nowadays, humans living in Neon Region do not settle their duels or slug-it-outs using guns and swords, although these modern science creations does exist. Almost everyone catches and trains their own Pokémon, to power them up and learn new, exotic attacks. These people who professionally train Pokémon to compete and duel with the others are called the trainers. There are even varieties of Pokémon training schools all around the region, other than usual academic schools.

Trainers that own powerful Pokémon and possess good skills are very respectable in Neon Region, and a more powerful trainer you are, the more challengers will be queuing in front of your house. Many take Pokémon training as hobbies, or even earn money by joining various Pokémon-battle tournaments.

There are hundreds of companies holding thousands of Pokémon-battle tournaments, gaining millions of profit. But one of the tournaments is completely like no other, recorded in legends, is held by God to determine the best Pokémon trainer in this mystical region-

The Light-and-Shadow Tournament.

The eight leaders that must be challenged by other trainers each owned a unique-designed Badge of Victor, and according to legend, the Pokémon trainer who manage to defeat and conquer all eight badges must face the great Lord of both humans and Pokémon-the Shade Victor.

People try to guess, investigate, explore who and where is the Shade Victor. Most rumours say that ‘he’ is cruel and pure evil, and is sealed into the Victorious Hall which the metal door can only be opened by the eight badges.

In Neon Region, able to collect even though only one of these Badges of Victor is considered a great pride and honour. So, many who want their Pokémon training skills approved start to travel across the wide region, visiting the eight leader towns to challenge the leaders, wishing to conquer these badges. Opening the Victorious Hall, encountering the mysterious Shade Victor became a dream and ultimate goal for all the Pokémon Trainers……

But the terrifying truth is, the Shade Victor isn’t really closed-shut in the Victorious Hall. He is walking slowly, lonely, heavily across the Neon Region, identity hidden, looking for…...fun.


Chapter 1: Shine, Arzen!!!

“Go, Colourot! Gust! Send that rabbit flying to the moon!!!”

A steady but proud voice echoed through the whole Pokémon battle hall, in the famous trainer school-SilverLeaf Academy. The coming Pokémon attack thrills the large crowds of young trainers gathering around the battlefield, they all yelled and cheered extremely loud.

This is the final round of a Pokémon battle tournament, between the eleven training schools located in North Neon.

The bird type Pokémon-Colourot, which stood on the West side of battlefield, sure looks charming and beautiful. It is covered with fine, rainbow-like feathers. A few especially long, sparkling, and colourful ones hang across its head.

But there is an imperfection on both Colourot and its trainer, a pretty shoujo that has twirling black hair and pretty fair skin, wearing a laced white-and-blue gown-they both look extremely, annoyingly proud.

Tinna, the representative from Jolt Pokémon Training School.

After she pointed her index finger fully determined, and also very despising towards her rival’s Pokémon-Jezrabbit which wore a jade-green priest coat that stood on the East side, Colourot immediately give a sweet and loud replying chirp, then vigorously flaps its colourful wings and stir up a strong swipe of wind.


Following a loudest, piercing final chirp from the bird Pokémon, the gust of spiralling wind quickly shoot towards Jezrabbit, which calmly pull out its golden priest wand.

This priest rabbit Pokémon turns its pretty head slightly behind to look at the representative of this challenged school- getting ready to receive orders to attack-or defence. It has an encouraging slight smile on face.

The15-year-old teen girl that has a bright, warm and confidence grin on her face, shows her well-trained little buddy a ‘good job!’ wink. Jezrabbit is the only Pokémon this light-gold-pony-tailed shoujo owned for now, and is so skilful that makes her a good partner-and a never loser.

“Go! Blow it out of our way!” Tinna yells loudly, performing a ballet-spinning of joy, as the powerful spinning wind created by Colourot is going to hit Jezrabbit.

“Dance before that attack strikes us?” The golden-haired girl watches both Tinna’s over-confidence action, and the Gust attack from Colourot equally steady. She smiles, “Too early! Go, Jezrabbit!”

The Pokémon immediately reacted, almost as fast as lightning. Jezrabbit charges forward directly towards the west side of battlefield, without fear and hesitation, gives the whiff of bird-created Gust a hard blow using its gold wand. The “powerful” spiralling wind attack easily dispersed with a “puff” sound upon impact, and changes into weak airflows brushing pass Jezrabbit’s priest coat, not leaving even a scratch.

After succeeded in failing Colourot’s attack, the pink rabbit Pokémon not even hesitate for one single second. It makes the priest wand spinning rapidly like a pro Kung-Fu master, and then charge against the Colourot once more.

“W-what? No……no way! My gust attack!”

Although Tinna does not shriek and cry and fluttering wings fearfully like Colourot(or because she doesn’t have a pair of them?), she immediately turn pale and totally astonished. “How……? That light-costumed girl didn’t even utter a word about how to repel the gust! Then, h…...how that rabbit did it? It’s just...impossible!”

“Yeah! Hit ’em down, senior! Hit down those proud Jolt people!”

“Go, go! Last strike, K.O. that Colourot!”

“You’re the best, Shine!”

When Jezrabbit starts hopping up and down, thrust and hurl and twist the golden wand attacking the horrified Colourot-which is flying aimlessly in the Pokémon battle hall, young trainers from SilverLeaf Academy become very excited. They all crowded and squeezed at the boundary of battlefield, shouting and cheering unitedly for their East side girl representative.

But the visitor students and competition-monitoring teachers from Jolt Pokémon Training School are not too happy. They all look unpleasant, nervous, really afraid, and glare at Jezrabbit with unbelievable eyes. Some of their young trainers too, gather and crowd nearby Tinna, yelling encouraging words and slogans at the top of their lungs.

“Tinna, move! Move! The honour of Jolt, move! ”

“Come on, don’t just stand there and daze! Attack!”

“Our best train-ugh, ugh, ugh!”

Most of them end up coughing non-stop and rush for the drinking booth, throat-pained, because the exploding cheers from SilverLeaf pupils are too loud, burying their hopeless shouts like tsunami.

“Wow! Seems like I’m really trusted here in hometown.” Shine, the representative from SilverLeaf Academy turns around and observed this 100% overflowed hall, surprised. “Okay then! It must be a great sin to disappoint headmaster Davern, and the others.”

Shine decided to win with flying colours. This sun-like girl blows a loud whistle, and then orders her jump-battling Pokémon: “Jezrabbit, use Flash!”

“Jezzu!” The priest rabbit replies its mighty trainer with a mischievous, obeying call. Then, Jezrabbit points the tip of its golden wand-a bright red jewel stone-towards the Colourot which is trembling non-stop with fear, soaring above the battlefield. The red jewel starts extracting sharp-white light......

Finally, the deadly pale and astonished Tinna awakes. Her fair-skinned face is soon replaced by enraged red, she roars out loud at the timid-mouse Colourot: “You foolish bird! Stop screaming like a mistress seeing cockroach! Attack using Radiance Beam!”

The bird Pokémon almost fall off from mid-air because of this sudden, extremely piercing roar from its master. This pitiful Colourot is still horrified by Jezrabbit’s jumping wand-whack attack, but is forced to obey.

“Cal!!!” Colourot gives out a sweet(but shaking)replying chirp, and then spread its colourful, twinkling wings widely, gliding straight and fast towards the calm and ready Jezrabbit. It opens its beak and sends a seven-coloured beam shooting at the rival Pokémon.

Shine that stood a few metres behind her excellent partner, on the trainer-area feels very startled: “Huh? I had ordered Jezrabbit to get ready a Flash! Is that proud girl losing her nerves? Launching direct attack towards a readied opponent?”

“Anyway, I will, and must win today to get my early-graduation. “ This confidence, active shoujo throws these question marks out of her brain, entering ultra-focus mode to face this strong Radiance Beam. Shine grinned and calls Jezrabbit aloud: “Dodge and camera that bird!”


The high-speed gliding Colourot and its rainbow-blast strike aiming Jezrabbit’s face. As Shine’s Pokémon for 5 years, Jezrabbit understands exactly what “camera” means. It easily hops aside and avoided this sure-critical attack. After the missed Radiance Beam zoom pass its jade-green coat, this priest rabbit hold up the golden wand straight above its fluffy pink ears.

And with a Poké-style grin on Jezrabbit’s face, the red jewel stone on the wand flashes a pale and eye-blinding white light directly onto the terrified Colourot’s eyes......

“Cal~~” This bird Pokémon with fine, colour beautifulness gives out a sharp crying of both extreme pain and fearfulness, as the extra-powerful Flash attack shimmers throughout the trainer-battle hall. It actually blinds and pierces most of the crowded audience’s eyes, sending them all screaming and growl for a short while. Of course, except Jezrabbit and its mighty trainer-Shine that steadily cover her eyes using both palms, ended up unaffected.

“Ugh! My......eyes......”

As the vision-defecting but harmless Flash attack passed, everyone witnessing this North Neon student-trainer competition recovered, including Tinna. She murmurs with slight hatred and nervously, rubbing her eyes. This blue-white gowned shoujo recovers just at the accurate split second-to see her Colourot struggling weakly and crash-lands onto the middle of battlefield, with a heavy “thump” sound.

Although so, this second-evolution bird Pokémon does not gain too serious damage. Colourot simply chirp loudly for a few times while attempting to get up, and then directly zooms forcefully into mid-air by its gradient wings. Now, both Tinna and her Pokémon share the similar facial expression-glaring Shine and her Jezrabbit with definitely angered eyes......


Just one moment before Jezrabbit running towards the horror-frozen Colourot like a blaster, without anyone able to react at such lightning movement, then accurately sends its golden priest wand crashing onto the beautiful bird head.

Following a bright sound of metal-and-bone collision, the very, very unfortunate rival Colourot blacks out immediately, fainting onto the ground with its final grace.

After completing its job perfectly, Jezrabbit dances the priest wand a few times of spiralling, then turned around looking at Shine with a mischievous look. The golden-haired girl replies with another “Thanx!” wink, both of them with victorious smile on face.

“Tournament ended! Shine, the representative from SilverLeaf Academy is the final winner!!!” A pretty lady wearing light T-shirts and miniskirts, which is the judge quickly rising her right arm upwards, waving the flag logoed “E”-East and announced with a charming grin.

The almost two thousands of SilverLeaf Academy trainer students jamming beside the battlefield are frozen for half-a-second. Next, everyone is exploded with gorgeous applauses, cheering and shouting of winning glory. It’s their school! It’s their school which become the champion among 11 trainer schools of North Neon!!!Shine won!

“No!!! My......Colourot!!!” Tinna is totally shocked, and falls onto her both knees helplessly, for encountering this failure. She almost fainted straight away, while some of her classmates, teachers from Jolt Pokémon Training School quickly rush forward and carries her aside.

“Clap, clap, clap......” As the headmistress of Jolt, Lady Miesa, takes the lead of giving applause for the humble, respectfully-bowing Shine, although their face look as black as a ruined pan, almost every pupils and teachers under her lead start to clap slightly too.

“It’s really a shame, for not offering respect to such a bold and outstanding young trainer.” Lady Miesa looks extremely disappointed, observing the hateful and unfriendly expression of her group of trainer students.

When 15 year-old Shine approaches the decorated stage with her excited Jezrabbit cling on shoulder, receiving a fine-crafted silver trophy from the broad-smiling Leader Mayor of North Neon, Lady Miesa gently rises from her middle-section seat. Despite the unpleasant and startled calling from her band of teachers, she continues to walk peacefully towards Shine who just stepped downstage.

“Congrats, young shoujo! You really deserve this honour.” Lady Miesa grinned wisely and with excellent manners, while she approaches Shine that is receiving non-stop praising, congratulating and hand-shaking from her “army” of classmates also teachers. These SilverLeaf Academy members almost bounce up and shout because of over-amazed.

“......Well, t-thank you, headmistress. “Shine gives out a warm but also startled smile, shaking hands with Lady Miesa which looks kind and old-wise. Totally not like all those Jolt School pupils-and even some teachers-who are trying to murder her with their fearsome, angry stares!

“You are nice!” Hesitated for a little moment, young Shine finally praises her earnestly, from bottom of heart. At least compared with them.

At first, the classmates-maybe even just schoolmates that surrounded their champion too look alarmed, even dangerous for Lady Miesa’s interruption. But after witnessing her adorability, they all nod at this comment.

“I am really surprised. How can you just say a simple, almost uncommanding sentence, then this pretty priest will just attack accurately so fast?” Lady Miesa puts her purple-gloved palms together, asking eagerly and curiously.

Shine retrieved the pink priest-rabbit Pokémon into a Pokéball. “It’s......” Just about she is going to reply, a familiar, friendly masculine voice suddenly comes from behind, following by a pat on this amateur trainer’s shoulder: “A mystery!!!”

“Headmaster Dion!” Shine don’t even need to guess who that experienced, yet retired trainer-man is. She rapidly turns around to face Dion, the SilverLeaf Academy headmaster which always shows a respectful, yet funny face when meeting Shine because he lose to her in a Pokémon duel......when she was 9. That’s the point.

After Lady Miesa greeted old friend Dion with a surprising hug, with a cheerful and victorious smile, Shine the active shoujo immediately throws that pure-silver trophy onto the headmaster’s chest. “Here’s your honour and treasure to be putted into our school museum, sir! Where is your beloved student’s prize then?!”

While Dion satisfyingly observing every angle of that great silver art piece-ideal for a champion like her of course, Shine that is extremely excited and nervous glares straight at his eyes, almost explode on waiting......this makes old Dion feeling chilled with fear, and also a little bit worried-about his life. He knows exactly what this active, ambitious girl wishes to have, it’s the piece of early-graduation certificate from SilverLeaf Pokémon Training Academy that stuffed in his trousers’ pocket. If he is daring enough to reject the mighty Shine, she will definitely tear him apart to cook curry.

“Extra prize from you, Dion? What is it? Making this sun-like girl so excited? A trainer-drug?” Lady Miesa joked.

Headmaster Dion gulps for a few time, finally shows the type of respectful but funny smile when encountering Shine. He sighs: “Well, well, well. I guess I’ll make a little ceremony for this school-historical moment.”

This highest decider of SilverLeaf Academy asks the extremely happy Shine, and also Lady Miesa, the headmistress of Jolt School, hurry onto the beautiful little stage. Dion raises the silver-crafted trophy that heavily filled with the young shoujo trainer’s victory into the air, calling upon every single one of SilverLeaf Academy’s pupils loudly:

“Listen to me, old Dion with gratefulness and pride, everyone! Shine, the great girl that had just earned us this champion trophy is now presented this certificate of early-graduation! She can now skip another two years of study, and then head straight to adventure the East, West and South Neon, challenging the Leaders, even gaining Badges of Victor to earn us more honour!!!”

As this mighty golden-haired girl rushed towards Headmaster Dion, receiving the precious certificate from him who smiled very proudly, she also embraces Lady Miesa who promised will pray for her adventure. Lastly, with appreciating, touched tearful eyes, Shine rushes out directly aiming the aluminium front-gate of this academy, followed by a great crowd of cheering and shouting-aloud schoolmates......

She grabs hold of the early-graduation certificate extremely tight, with a determined, confidence, but quite heavy heart:

“It’s not over yet! I want to discover, adventure the whole magical Neon Region, challenge and defeat all eight leaders, conquering every Badge of Victor, be the first one who opens the Victorious Hall!!!”

Only if you can understand and support my dream, father......please......