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Pokemon Journey w/ Zee Part 1


XZEETRON A ten year old boy named Zee is now getting his first Pokemon from Prof.Oakly. Region made from me.
He lives in the small town of Small town.
region: Tron
There might be spelling and grammer mistakes.
Once upon a time a boy named Zee had a birthday and is starting his journey through the Tron region.

"Zee,wake up mate!" Said Dad.

Zee heard his Dad's voice and walked out his room downstairs.

"You gotta go to Prof.Oakly's lab!" Said Dad.
"Yeah I know. Stop yelling." Said Zee

Zee got his things ready. Backpack and stuff.

"Bye Dad!" Zee said as he left the house.

Zee finally arrived at Prof.Oakly's lab.

"Welcome Zee!" Oakly said.
"So,when will I get my first pokemon?" Asked Zee.
"Come right this way!" Said Oakly.

They walked in a small dark room.
"Turn on the lights please." Oakly said.
Zee felt the light switch and switched it on. On the center of the room was a table with three pokeballs on top. Zee was so excited that his head was gonna melt.
"Go ahead. Pick one." Oakly told Zee.
"The first one is Charmander, second is squirtle, and at the end is bulbasaur." Oakly said.
"I don't know what to pick." Zee said.
"It's ok. Come back tomorrow then." Oakly said.
"Um,nevermind I'll pick Squirtle." Zee said.
Zee walked up to squirtles pokeball and grabbed it. Zee threw the pokeball up in the air and it opened. Squirtle came out of it.
"Yay! Squirtle! Hi!! How are you doing?!" Zee asked.
"Squirtle?" Squirtle said.
"Thanks Prof.Oakley! Bye!" Zee said as he ran out of the lab and went to route 1.
PART 2 soon
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