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Pokemon Journey The Adventures of Rai Yuki

by ZX Gaming Channel

ZX Gaming Channel This is a Fan-Fic of my Pokemon Journey like and follow I will be doing more if you have any ideas or hints or advice I appreciate it Thank You hope you enjoy.
Prologue- My Adventure so far

Hey my name is Rai Yuki I am 19 and a decent Pokemon trainer, I began my adventure in the Johto Region from a favor ask by Pokemon Professor Elm and Professor Oak I guess. Anyways I saw my fair share of battles and run ins with baddies but in the end I pull through, I won the Johto League and caught many Pokemon and continued my journey through tough battles. I challenge the Kanto Regions Gym Leaders and as tough as the eight of them were I won all battles and had a few close calls. I did eventually get a tip from Professor Oak that the Champion from Pallet Town was Last seen training at Mount Silver so I decided to go challenge him and wanted to see how strong he really was. It was two days I spent climbing but made to the top I got stronger too my Pokemon were all anxious to face Red I was too I wanted to see how well two Pokemon League Champions would face against someone like him. I made it to a very wide and flat ground area and as I look up I saw him Red the Pokemon Champion he look so calm and his Pikachu look anxious to battle. I shouted at him and said lets battle Red two Pokemon Champion a battle of the century me and you Red what do you say, all he did was smirk and commanded his Pikachu to get ready. I threw out my Meganium and the battle commence the next thing I remember was a battle of the life time it was down to the field my Pokemon all fainted but one and with his last Pokemon as well the last battle was my Charizard and his Charizard two Fires clash and with a big boom in the end and my Charizard stood trembling from weariness. But Red's was down his face was surprise I won and I felt good and I was happy but Red just walk off and said get stronger because I will lets battle again sometime, and like that he was gone and I went off to train some more. The regions I travel to after that were Hoenn, and Sinnoh two Regions that had more Pokemon and more trainers to battle after beating the gyms in each region I lost to the champion's of both regions. But both told me to continue and train hard I now find myself in the Unova region and it is also the last place Red said he will travel to I hope to meet and battle him and I plan to win again.