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Pokemon: Hoenn Adventure Part 2

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Gabe and Brendan run into some Mario wannabe, and can they battle Rocky, the Rustboro City gym leader? Plus, meet Nosepass, Graveler and..... Chespin?! Wait, Tyrunt?!!? #flashchallenge
"Who the heck are you?" Gabe asked, uncomfortable. "Itsa me, a Mario!" The wannabe said in a Itallian accent. "I always thought Mario was Mexican." Brendan said. "Yeah, Squirtle use-" Gabe tried to say. "BOWSER!" The wannabe cried. "Huh?" They asked. "That's Bowser! My Tyrunt, Yoshi, will destroy you and save the Mushroom Kingdom!" The cosplayer declared. "Fine, Squirtle, Hydro Pump." The Turtle blasted a blast of water at it's opponent. "Tyrunt, flamethrower!" Fake-Mario ordered. Tyrunt didn't know that move. "Wow, so strong." Gabe said, sarcastically. "Finish him, Ice Beam." The blue starter shot a ray of Ice straight at Yoshi, who fainted. "NO!!!! GAME OVER!" The Mario imposter screamed. "See ya." Gabe said. "Don't worry, world 1 is easy!" Brendan stated, cheerfully. The duo made their way out of Petalburg forest, and went to the gym. "Me first!" "No, me!" "Wait, Gabe...." "What?" "We need 2 pokemon." Brendan sighed. "......." "I'll go catch a Slakoth." Brendan stated after Gabe's silence. Gabe wanted to challenge the rock type gym NOW. But, he had to catch something. Then he spotted Oran with a Chespin, and went over to her. "Hey, Oran!" Gabe waved. "Hey Gabe" Oran greeted. "Where'd you get the..... what is that thing? A squirrel? Rabbit?" Gabe asked, off topic. "It's a.... I don't know. Maybe an otter?" She asked. "Anyways, I was just wondering where you could find a normal or dark type?" He asked. "Probably over at route 4." She said, pointing to a path. "Kay, thanks!" He stated, running off. Later.... "Got it!" Gabe cheered. He managed to catch a pokemon. "Hey Gabe!" He heard. Gabe turned around to see Brendan with a sloth pokemon on his shoulder. "Sup, Brendan?" Gabe greeted. "I bet Rocky and got the.... I forget badge. There's so many rock type gyms I forgot." "You bet Rocky? Before me? I'm the hero, you're the cheerful sidekick, how are you ahead?!!?" Gabe asked, anger filled in his whole body. Brendan ran away. "Whatever, I'll beat Rocky on my own!" Gabe declared. That afternoon..... Gabe did beat Rocky, but his Squirtle started glowing off and on that night. Gabe thought it was just how Pokémon start peeing, but it was another reason. Gabe and his two pokemon, the flashlight squirtle and the sleepy Poochyena.

I got the idea of the Mario and Bowser thing from one of my pals on Pokecharms, Lopert2000, who is doing a Koopaling story. Check it out!