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Pokemon DP Orgins Ep.1: A New Beginning

by Adrian2AMBoss

Adrian2AMBoss Trainer Adrian Steve Austin has traveled to the Sinnoh Region to Get all 8 Badges and Enter the Pokemon League!
It was a Very Long Time since Adrian went to another region. As Adrian and His Riolu set for their first gym badge. Some things get a Little Different around here. A Girl Named Dawn has a Birthday today which means she's Old enough to be a Pokemon Trainer! As she goes to the Professor's Lab, She meets Adrian, which has came all this way. Dawn also met Riolu. Riolu seemed to like Dawn already. As the professor gives Adrian A Pokedex and Some PokeBalls, He was pretty much ready. Then, Dawn had to Choose her Starter Pokemon out of Piplup, Chimicar, or Turtwig. Dawn picked The Water Type, Piplup. When Adrian was leaving, Dawn came up. " I want to battle you!" Dawn sent out her Piplup. Adrian chose Riolu. And the Battle Began. Dawn called out a move, Bubble. To a Level 58 Riolu, Kinda No Effect. Only Little Damage. As Riolu used Power-Up Punch and finished Piplup. Dawn needs More Training in Order to Try and Defeat Adrian. Adrian asked Dawn to come on his journey with him. The Answer was Yes. As They headed on to their 1st Gym. As the Journey continues.