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Pokemon Conquest Series: Pokemon Conquest Chapter 1: The Kingdom of Nero

by Gym_Leader_Aqua

Gym_Leader_Aqua (Full version) My version of the Game Pokemon Conquest and my young king's adventure in the Ulta Region (This is the correct version)
One day in the Ulta region, a young king is stopping by to become the new king. He will become the king of the kingdom of Nero. The Nero kingdom was a kingdom filled with the freshest waters. The water was so blue, it was like the sky was reflecting off the water. It mostly held water type Pokemon in various locations. One of them was a ravine with a large waterfall that contained water and normal Pokemon. Many people await the new king, ready to take any command the young king sets. He arrives from the boat, he emerges out from the boat with his Pokemon Oshawott in his arms. One of the townspeople came out and greeted him.
“Welcome to the kingdom of Nero young king. Now, what’s your name?” The man asked.
“I am Luke, I was sent her for my father after he passed. I am here to take the lead of the Kingdom of Nero.” Luke got lots of greetings from many people. But just when he got through the crowd of people a burst of fire came out from the crops. A messenger soon came over and looked up at the new king.
“Lord Luke, we are being attacked, the people of Yōsei are attacking us!” Luke took note of that and ran to the crops. He saw a Snubbull and a Bidoof attacking the crops and two people controlling them.
“Hey stop right there!” Luke shouted with all his might. The two people looked at him and one of them smirked at Luke.
“You must be the new King of the kingdom. You see, we are from the Kingdom of Yōsei. Our Queen or Warlord told us to attack the kingdom of Nero to see if we can add this to our warlords command.
“If you want a battle, then it’s a battle you’ll get. Oshawott use water gun!” Luke ordered. Oshawott shot a blast of water at the Bidoof and it flew back and skidded on the ground.
“Lucky shot, Bidoof use headbutt!” the first man yelled, “Snubbull use fairy wind!” The second man yelled. Bidoof charged at Oshawott and Snubbull unleashed a pink gust at Oshawott. Just then a girl ran in and her Riolu jumped in and shoved Oshawott out of the way. Both moves missed Oshawott and the girl looked at the young king.
“You’re lucky that we made it just on time! If it wasn’t for me you would have lost this Kingdom!” The girl explained.
“Yeah, looks like I’m lucky. Now who are you?” Luke asked while the girl and her Riolu stood ready for battle.
“I’ll tell you later, but first, let’s stop these people! Riolu use force palm!” Riolu made a purple aura around its palm and it struck Bidoof with such speed and strength.
“Wow, that was strong, ok my turn, Oshawott use water gun!” Luke ordered. Oshawott shot s stream of water at the Snubbull. Both Snubbull and Bidoof were unable to battle.
“You got lucky, come ‘on we must retreat back to Yōsei!” Both men retreated back to the kingdom while the people all celebrated for the defense that Luke and the girl made. The girl soon looked at Luke then blushes then she started to speak.
“My name is Yuki. I was here to assist you on leading the kingdom Nero. It seems like a big job just for one person. So will you let me help you?” The girl asked with her pinkish blush on her face. Luke thought about it for a while and soon he came up with an answer that surprised them both.
“Sure, why not? I could use some company. So how about we go and train at the ravine. And who knows, maybe we’ll have someone join our quest to conquer all eighteen kingdoms here in the Ulta region.” Luke looked at the Yuki and she nodded her head. They soon took a path that led to the ravine so that they can start their training. And to start the beginning of a new era.