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Pokemon Black 2 Wedlocke Part 2

by gamer2332

gamer2332 A Pokemon challenge with a Ham-Ham twist!
Bijou is now ready to start her adventure!
(This is starting to become less of a challenge I'm doing and more of a stupid Fanfiction)
Upon heading out the Pokemon Center, Laura and Maria walk up to her. Maria says to have a good time out there, and Laura hands Bijou 2 Town Maps. "Why are there 2 Town Maps?" Bijou and Maria say. "I want you to give the other to Hamtaro. It's nice to have one, even though there's just one path to the ocean!" Then, Bijou starts to have a panic attack. Remember what they think about water? "Calm down, Bijou, you don't have to swim there!" Maria says, "A boat will take you across the ocean!" Bijou then calms down. "Anyway, Bon Voyage, Bijou, and see you later!" (See, bon voyage is fitting!) Bijou runs off to Route 21. She sends out the Tepig she got as her first Pokemon. *Huh? Why am I back out? I was just trying to take a nap!* Tepig said in his Poke speak. Bijou translates what he says, somehow, and says, "Sorry, for ruining your afternoon nap, but I want you to help me as we travel through Unova, OK? First of all, we need to find Bianca." After heading through the gate, someone stops her from continuing forward. "Hey, Bijou! You can't go without... Huh? Oh, I see, you have a Pokemon, now!" Tepig snorts with glee. "Before you start your journey, here, take this potion! It will heal 20 HP to any wounded Pokemon!" Bijou jumps up and down and says "Thank-Q" to the guard, and tells him, "See you soon!"
"OK, then, so Tepig, what do you like me to call you?" *Why don't you like the name 'Tepig'?* "I don't know, it just feels weird calling you Tepig every time!" *Well, back at the Pokemon Lab, I saw someone watch some random person playing a game, and he named his Tepig 'Broham', but you don't have to call me that...* "No, I think it's a great name! If it's OK, with you, I'll call you Broham from now on." Tepig does a little nod. "Then it's settled, Broham!"
Upon heading out the gate on the other end, they find Bianca. "Ah, Bijou, you're finally here! And you already have Tepig out of its Poke Ball! Anyway, now that you're here, you might need to be taught how to capture a Pokemon!" After a brief battle against a Purrloin, it ended up being caught! "OK, Bijou," Bianca says, "Do you know how to capture a Pokemon?" Bijou nods. "Yep-p! You find a Pokemon, weaken it, and throw a Poke Ball at it! It's really simple!" "Great! You've got it, so I'll let you get right to your adventure. Have fun!"
Bijou then walks into the tall grass. Of course, being the size of a hamster makes it look like a frickin' jungle! Randomly, a Purrloin pops out, scaring Bijou out of her mind! "...oh, no... it's a cat..." Broham jumps out. *Don't worry, I'll protect you!* After Broham tackles the Purrloin, it gets knocked out, and after a while, it wakes up, and with its remaining energy, flees the scene. "Whew, that was scary! Thanks for the help, Broham!" Bijou walks a bit farther, finding a Patrat. The same thing happens here. After a little bit, another Purrloin pops up. Giving up, she decides to capture it. (I forgot the name of it.)
Continuing forward, she decides to train up the Purrloin. *Don't worry! I won't attempt to do anything bad to you! Just say the word, and I will...* She gets attacked and KO'd. Bijou sees that Purrloin is considerably useless, and releases her because of that. Before that, she says, "I'm sorry about this," to the Purrloin. When she is ready to enter Flocessy Town, Alder, the champion from 2 years ago, jumps down a cliff (That Bijou is unable to get up, ironically) and talks to her. "Hey, trainer! I've seen you battle those Pokemon! Wait, why are you a hamster?" "I get that a lot, just don't worry about it!" "Oh, OK. So, you just started your journey, huh? Well, then, I'll be able to help train you, if you like." "I'll take it, since it will help me on my journey!" "OK, my house is here in Flocessy Town! Heal up at the Pokemon Center, if you need to!" "OK, see you soon!" Bijou heads into the Pokemon Center and hands Broham, recalled into his Pokeball, to the girl at the counter.