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Pokemon Adventure Chapter 1

by SuperPikachuSis

SuperPikachuSis Follow twins Emily and Emile, journeying across their home region in hope of getting all 8 badges, and collecting all 5 contest ribbons.
Emily woke up, giddily. Today was June 1st, her birthday. It was also the day she got to start her journey. She jumped off her bunk bed and landed on the floor, putting up a peace sign, while her 10 second younger twin Emile was startled, and landed face first on the floor. Waking up, he started grumbling. "I swear, Emily. Your gonna be the end of me someday." Emile stated. He then brushed off his red PJ's, and cleaned off his toy penguin, too. Emily giggled at him. "What's with you and being tidy?" She asked. "You would b concerned too if you weren't the incredible Hulk in a dress." Emile said. Emily rolled her eyes, and the two went to get dressed.

Emily got out of the bathroom, having dressing herself and brushing her teeth. She had a greyish blue knit hat and a blue plaid t shirt on, along with dark blue jeans and blue and white sneakers. Emile dived into the bathroom, and 5 minutes later, was out grinning, his teeth shining. Emile had a red ball cap and black vest, red undershirt, black pants and a black belt. Emile started to walk downstairs, then was bumped by Emily as she ran down, and he fumbled down the stairs, screaming. Emily did a quick summersault off the stairs and struck a pose, while Emile came tumbling after. The twins thanked their mom for breakfast and started eating pancakes. After some food, the twins got their backpack, yellow for Emily and green for Emile, and hugged their mom before heading out.

Emily pulled out her Pokeball and released her Froakie. Emile took out his Chespin and we looked ahead. Nothing but route 1. The two kids stepped into the grass and a Ratata popped out, which jumped on Emile and started trying to maul him. Emily paused, then walked away with Froakie as Chespin tried to pry off the Ratata.

Emily had just walked out of Route 2, smelling the morning air. Emile flopped on the ground, exhausted. He had been attacked by 3 Ratata, 4 Sentret, and one Bunnelby which he managed to catch. He sighed in relief and looked ahead, hoping for a city or town, but was met by a huge forest. Chespin and Emile started to sob and fell on the ground, sad. Emily looked at her girly excuse for a brother and walked ahead. Emile crawled along like a Caterprie, Chespin on top of him.