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Pocket Monsters 1995

by Irischroma

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.58.19 AM.png
Irischroma Based off of the original Sugimori art for the "Capsule Monsters" game idea thrown in at 1990- i created a more...modern look to the picture.

Theres two versions of it, this one is the main colored design, and the other is the parody/remake cover of it.
You can view the poster version here, while you can view this one here.

Everywhere else I posted these its been screen shots or a smaller size, so I will know if anyone alters anything.
  1. Onebrickyboi
    thumbs up :):up:
    May 21, 2016
  2. Onebrickyboi
    this looks so awesome
    May 21, 2016